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In the highly regulated financial services market, tensions rise when financial institutions talk about 'legacy' and 'state-of-the-art' customer experiences, software, application development, infrastructure and business models. 'How do we keep our customer experiences relevant and competitive while staying flexible in a changing market?' is a question our experts have already helped many companies answer. From strong, secure technological foundations, to marketing campaigns, personalisation strategy or brand development. We help companies in the financial sector stay relevant.  

  • 20+ years of experience in the financial sector

  • Extensive knowledge of laws and regulations in the financial sector, including PSD2, Wft and the Cybersecurity Act

  • ISO27001 certification

  • In-depth experience and expertise with complex technology, marketing and data issues

  • Blended partner: our teams improve customer experiences across the digital domain

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Our expertise in the financial sector

Over the years, many organisations in the financial sector have relied on iO's expertise. And although the core of services rendered in this sector revolves around transactions, we know better than anyone that every type of service involves niche expertise. In recent years, our experts have worked with a variety of financial institutions in:

Financials relying on iO's expertise

deGoudse - iO
AG Insurance - iO
nationale nederlanden
Onlia - iO
Axa Bank
Allianz Direct
BNP Paribas
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Benefit from our in-depth domain knowledge

As a partner of organisations in the financial sector, we not only keep an eye on interesting developments for the customer experience of insurers, banks, consumer finance or payment service providers. We are also fully aware of developments regarding legislation and regulations and the impact on the (continued) development of applications, cloud or integration solutions. We understand the dependencies of the regulated context, act accordingly and our way of working is also ISO27001-certified.

In addition, you can also expect the following benefits from partnering up with iO:

A customised form of collaboration. For example, with Scaled Agile (SAFe) and PII quarterly processes, including early insight into the scope of the work ahead.

Attention to all perspectives of a system or solution. For example, by involving Risk, Legal and Compliance at an early stage and explicitly addressing the additional information they need in refinements, such as clear flow charts and data overviews.

Solutions that comply with all current laws and regulations. All digital platforms and marketing automation solutions developed by iO experts comply with all industry standards in terms of security frameworks, audibility requirements and data protection legislation.

Easy digital insurance overview - or lack thereof - the No. 1 reason for switching

What is more valuable than insights, directly from consumers? In collaboration with research firm BUFFL, iO conducted a survey among 1,500 Belgian and Dutch insurance customers. Download the 18-page insurance industry paper and discover interesting insights on consumer preferences when it comes to transparency, customer needs and digital products.

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Technology | iO

Technology as a strategic business partner

Sometimes we think digital is future talk entirely, but when it comes to impactful decisions, consumers still want the option of speaking to an adviser. So, the future of finance is not just digital, it is phygital. With a frictionless brand experience across all touchpoints. Omnichannel is and will therefore remain the answer, with technology as a means and not an end. For example, with the deployment of:

  • Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Marketing Automation: as a source of smart personalisation strategies for, among other things, personalised advice, responding to life events or honing product offerings. By using relevant insights from a 360-degree customer view, you understand customers better and create better experiences, loyalty and cross-sell options. With extensive experience and in-depth expertise, iO's experts help set up marketing solutions that are secure, scalable and effective.

  • Artificial Intelligence: for countless applications, from detecting fraudulent activity to improving customer service using intelligent chat engines. iO's experts help financials make meaningful and secure use of the powerful capabilities AI creates.

  • Cloud technology: more and more organisations are relying on large cloud providers, such as AWS and Azure, for the complexity of modern infrastructure. The standards they create regarding Cloud Security Posture Management are leading the way and are quickly becoming the market standard. As an Advanced partner, iO CloudOps centres support specific infrastructure projects and our cloud-specialised development teams choose cloud-native software development where appropriate. From running APIs and services to connecting and making data available. All the way from the front-end to deep into the core of a system landscape.

A glimpse of our technology and tooling stack

Proof of our blended partnerships in finance

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How does iO work?

  • 1
    The ability to listen

    As much as our experts want to share their knowledge with you, listening to your story is where we always start. Expect a diverse group of collaborators. As a blended agency, we have specialists in every domain: strategy, technology, marketing and creation. Who knows which expertise will unexpectedly turn out valuable for your project?

  • 2
    Discover & Analyse

    For us, a good partnership starts with getting to know each other: the organisation, your brand, and all other relevant aspects. We dive into the data, documentation, dashboards and engage with key stakeholders. Everything for a crystal-clear analysis as a starting point for a rock-solid solution - fully suited to the context of a financial institution.

  • 3
    Tailored-made cooperation

    Do we have a clear picture of the situation? Then we will go for an equally clear picture of the solution using the right collaboration path. Like no other, we understand that the need for insight and predictability is key. So, count on tailor-made cooperation, for example with Scaled Agile (SAFe) or PII quarterly processes.

  • 4
    Run & maintain

    Of course, maintenance is a standard part of our cooperation, tailored to service expectations that fit solutions on the critical path of business models. Expect us to set up the necessary monitoring and service support just as well.

  • 5

    Scaling can be done in many ways. But for us, it also goes beyond the solution. This is often a starting point for knowledge sharing and implementation of standards by our iO experts as part of our partnership.

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Information Security ISOIEC27001
iO is 27001 certified

We use this international standard to help us deal with information security in a structured way. Availability, integrity, and confidentiality are central to how we work. The ISO 27001 certificate underlines this commitment.

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