How to optimise and increase the conversion rate in specific target audience groups?

Every year, Beobank calls on the expertise of iO's Digital Marketeers to develop a brand new media plan for its social network channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok). The objective? To maximise lead generation and increase the conversion rate for the brand's various audiences.
In its briefing, the bank specified that it wanted complete flexibility and ongoing  optimisation, while complying with the many legal constraints associated with the banking sector.


iO set up an A/B testing system, comparing different versions of the same publication to identify the one with the best performance.

As a result, every campaign launched by Beobank now offers complete flexibility and is optimised through A/B testing to maximise ROI.

By tracking this daily, iO succeeded in increasing the conversion rate by 15% and boosting lead generation.

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Increase the number of leads in Beobank's 18 annual campaigns, from attracting potential investors and customers, to boosting bank card orders.


To achieve this goal, iO identified the bank's various target audiences and p u t in place strategies that could be adapted on a day-to-day basis. To maximize the effectiveness of these marketing campaigns, it was essential for the experts to place targeting and retargeting at the heart of their multi-faceted approach.

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Increase in the conversion rate
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