Drupal: The CMS for complex and simple web platforms

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Our teams have been using Drupal to build complex — and less complex — websites since 2011. With over 130 Drupal developers at your service, iO has the largest Drupal team in the Benelux.

Open source and user-friendly

Drupal is a content management system (CMS) in which experts (such as ours) develop and manage simple websites and complex platforms and apps.

Drupal is open source, scalable and easy to use. Thanks to the extensive community — in which iO also actively participates — the CMS has a lot of possibilities (modules) to fully customise projects.

For example, the websites of eBay, Tesla, and Warner Bros. were all developed in Drupal.

Discover the power of Drupal

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The benefits of Drupal

We can keep talking about why we love working with Drupal — but why don't you find out for yourself?

Fast and modular

Modularity is at the core of Drupal. With over 8,000 modules, the CMS covers the most diverse requirements. By cleverly combining these modules, we build solutions tailored to your needs.

No license fees

Drupal is an open source CMS. Open source does not always mean free, but with Drupal, it does. In other words, anyone can use the CMS without having to pay licence fees.

Easy to use

In Drupal, everyone who contributes to the website is assigned a role with their own rights. This allows you to easily create the backend structure that perfectly suits your project. Text management is just as easy as in the familiar Word environment.

No vendor lock-in

The Drupal community is active all over the world. This means that you are not dependent on one supplier. Our experts develop according to Drupal conventions — so a possible transfer to another supplier is not a problem.

Large community

The Drupal community is always in motion. Developers, webmasters, and marketeers work together, new technologies find their way into the CMS, and the security and quality of the system are always guaranteed.


Creating multilingual websites, intranets, portals, and landing pages: it's often a complicated process in other systems, but it's only natural in Drupal.

iO’s Drupal expertise

130+ Drupal experts

250+ completed projects

Largest Drupal team in the Benelux

35+ Drupal contributors

Expertise in hosting, migration, auditing, and support

Tailor-made Drupal trainings

How can we help you with Drupal?

  • Drupal development

    Our experienced teams develop simple and complex projects in Drupal without any problems. In short sprints, we guarantee fast delivery and high quality.

  • Drupal support

    We maintain existing Drupal platforms with regular updates, security checks, performance monitoring, and more. Our experts are also happy to answer any questions you may have about content or guidance.

  • Drupal consultancy

    We strengthen your in-house development team and offer additional expertise in specific areas within Drupal. Our team of Drupal specialists has the necessary in-depth knowledge to tackle your challenges.

  • Drupal audits

    Our experts will fully audit your Drupal platform in areas such as architecture, performance, code quality, and security. They then give you crystal-clear advice on your next steps.

  • Drupal hosting

    Together, we will look for the most suitable hosting for your organisation. Thanks to our years of experience in speed, performance, security, and scalability, we know what to look for.

  • Drupal training

    Looking for a tailor-made Drupal training course? We offer technical training as well as courses for content managers. Whether this takes place at your office or at one of our campuses is up to you.

  • Upgrade to Drupal 9

    Drupal 8 is no longer supported, and Drupal 7 is approaching its end-of-life date. To ensure the continuity of your website, it is best to upgrade to Drupal 9 as soon as possible. Our experts know how to do it.

Our recent realisations in Drupal

Our experts work on large and small Drupal platforms every day. Here are some of our recent projects:


How can we be of service?

Already well aware of your needs? Or do you have a specific question in mind? Let us know using business@iodigital.com or pay one of our campuses a visit!