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Experience has taught us that curiosity drives constant evolution, and when the blend is right, we achieve experiences and results that exceed all expectations.

Everything starts with the client. We listen actively, and empathise.

Which specific set of skills would benefit you the most right now? Based on your unique needs and wants, iO has the perfect ‘blend’ of competencies on offer to solve your challenge, simply because there is no divide between technology, creation, strategy, content, and consulting.

"Close, long-term cooperation, in which our experts serve as an extension of the client's internal team, is the go-to formula for success."

We are in for the long run

Pieter Janssens, CEO iO

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iO, an award-winning blended agency

No, winning awards is not a priority for us. A cupboard full of gold trophies and medals is not an objective in itself. But the awards we win are like a cherry on top — a celebration of the work our blended teams deliver every day.

Award Emerce 100
Award MT1000
Award MM agency of the year
Grand Prix Content Marketing Awards

Our campuses welcome you

iO not only helps organisations and governments achieve their goals, but also works with them to find solutions to the challenges rising along with ever-changing markets. To do this, we create environments - with our campuses as innovative incubators - where iO’s talent can rise up, collaborate with clients, develop, be given space, get stimulated and – finally - excel. This makes our campuses much more than simple office buildings. They have come to be the places where we meet, exchange ideas and encourage each other to raise the bar.

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  • Blending experiences around the table.

  • Sharing thoughts and challenges with other business leaders.

  • Gather learnings and insights from peers.

  • Be part of exclusive networking.

  • And a little bit of wining and dining.

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The journey is the destination

From building the local baker’s website, all the way to running a company that brings over 2200 people together and delivers growth to national and international clients – by taking a step forward every day for 18 years. Intracto was the brainchild of Pieter Janssens. A one-man business that scaled along with market demand, and today supports organisations by creating added value right where the need for it exists. Today, as a blended agency, iO continues along that path: to push the envelope with talent and expertise. The journey is the destination.

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How can we be of service?

Already well aware of your needs? Or do you have a specific question in mind? Let us know using info@iodigital.com or pay one of our campuses a visit!