Welcome to our campuses

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At iO, we don’t just help our clients and organisations to achieve their objectives. Together we discover and exploit the endless possibilities that a constantly changing market offers.

Talent is the basis of these infinite possibilities. That is why we’ve created the iO Campuses – an innovative environment and a breeding ground for blended teams to grow, develop, and find the stimulation to excel.

An inspiring place for clients and talents.

A campus is an energetic, collaborative, and inspiring environment that attracts future talents and new clients. Every campus, and everything it has to offer, is a crucial part of our people strategy: to make the lives of our colleagues easier and stress-free.

A campus is more than 'just' a building — it's an experience. An experience that benefits everyone who calls them home. The campus plays an active role in improving our colleagues’ work-life balance. Whether you're stopping by for a meeting, working there, or just heading to the nearest coffee machine or picking up a healthy snack – iO created these inspiring workplaces for everyone: colleagues, clients, students, and partners. Why? To collaborate, inspire, and co-create. Always welcoming, always close by.

Always close by