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Google Marketing Platform — popularly known as GMP — is an advertising and analytics platform. All of Google's marketing tools are integrated into GMP. This way, you can streamline the ease of use of websites, apps and digital products.

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Google Marketing Platform

Google's Marketing Platform is an advertising and analytics platform that helps you get the most out of your marketing activities and results. Everything you need to take control of your marketing processes, end-to-end.

Why choose Google Marketing Platform?

Google Marketing Platform helps you understand the behaviour of your visitors and customers.

Use tools like Analytics, Data Studio, Optimize, Tag Manager, and Cloud Partner to obtain and interpret data about your visitors. This allows you to make the right decisions and take effective action.

Thanks to the integrations in Google Marketing Platform, marketers like you can access their data anywhere. Managing and optimising marketing activities centrally has never been easier.

The advantages of Google Marketing Platform

This is why we love working with Google Marketing Platform.

Centralised control

Marketing Platform Home within GMP lets you view and manage all the products you have access to. In other words: Google Marketing Platform is the solution for cross-channel marketing.

Analyses and tests

With the tools in Google Marketing Platform, you can thoroughly analyse and test websites and apps in various areas.

Integrated workflow

Manage product connections and discover new integrations that help you get even more value from Google Marketing Platform.

Easy collaboration

Want to collaborate with your marketing colleagues? Piece of cake with Google Marketing Platform.

Ease of use

The tools within GMP are intuitive and easy to use - for large and small organisations alike. Achieve better results and get more out of your marketing budget with Google Marketing Platform.

External integrations

GMP offers many integrations between tools. For example, a connection with Salesforce ensures strong, customer-centric, and data-driven experiences.

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