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Google Ads

With Google Ads your potential customers find organisation and your products and services easily. Your collaboration with Google Ads partner iO means you can be certain that you’re getting the most from your investment because you know you’re reaching the people who are looking for your products and services.

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Google Ads

Google Ads is Google's official advertising programme and ensures that you are found when potential customers are looking for organisations like yours, across the entire funnel of Search, Display, YouTube, Shopping and more.

Why work with a Google Ads partner?

Advertising on the world's largest search engine offers more possibilities than ever before — but that also makes it more complex. So complex in fact, that without the right kind of prior knowledge it is difficult to optimise your marketing investments.

Google Ads partner iO has dedicated account managers that help you get the most out of your ad budget. Our Google experts receive specialist monthly training and have access to premium launch events — one of the benefits of working with iO, a strong partner on a tactical and strategic level.

Make sure potential customers find your products and services. Increase your online success with Google Ads — and discover your infinite opportunities with iO as your Google Ads partner.

Discover the power of Google Ads

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The benefits of Google Ads


Privacy-sensitive advertising

Google Ads offers built-in solutions for a world without third-party cookies — so you can measure anonymous users accurately with consent solutions.

Complex customer journeys

For customers, the paths that lead to your organisation are increasingly complex. Whether you're advertising globally or staying local, Google Ads advanced targeting helps you reach the right people.

Artificial intelligence

Human and machine complement each other to achieve the best campaigns. Keywords, search intent, cohorts — with Google Ads your organisation is prepared for the "predictive era" of marketing and your ads are automatically more efficient.

Measure your success

With Google Ads, you get rich campaign reports with hundreds of metrics. Use these insights to increase your ads roi.

Targeted advertising

Google Ads helps you achieve your goals with advertising opportunities across the funnel: Search, Display, YouTube, Shopping, and more.

Control over your budget

You’re in control with Google Ads, you pay per click and never spend more than your budget limit — that you can adjust or pause anytime.

iO's Google Ads expertise

Top 1% agencies in the Benelux

70+ Google Ads experts in house

Google Ads premier partner

iO, your preferred Google Ads partner

iO have been a Google Ads partner for more than 15 years so we have honed our experience with online advertising and search engines. Today we have more than 70 experienced experts to help you and your team get started with Google Ads.

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