In-depth, tailor-made collaboration

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Whatever sector your organisation is active in, the recipe for long-term sustainable growth is in-depth, tailor-made cooperation. And when we talk about customisation, we mean it.

Which collaboration model best suits your needs at a glance: iO Consultancy, blended partnership, or experts on our campus.

Flexible collaboration, in every area

In a rapidly changing world, it’s not feasible to rely on different suppliers for different components of your overarching strategy. Cooperation between these parties is often too complex, unnecessarily expensive, and causes delays that can be a real headache.

At iO, we bring together experts in marketing, technology, strategy, content, and creation. In other words: whatever kind of specialists your project needs, we have them in-house.

Three ways of working with iO at a glance:

"Close, long-term collaborations, where our experts are an extension of the customer's internal team, is the formula for success par excellence."

Pieter Janssens

Pieter Janssens, CEO iO

The long-term choice

Companies with a strong vision for the future, looking for flexible collaboration, with a focus on the long term.

That fits perfectly with how we prefer to work: not for you, but with you. That is why we don’t think in terms of projects anymore, we look for in-depth collaborations, where our experts are the missing pieces of the puzzle in your organisation.

We will look at how to get the best from their knowledge, together: from our campuses, as an extension of your team at your office, or somewhere in between.

Looking for the best way to collaborate?

Tell us about your challenges, and together we will look for the best tailor-made solution.

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