Blended partnership: the best of both worlds

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A blended partnership is the golden middle ground for the experts on our campus and the colleagues in your teams. Together we find the perfect balance that works for your organisation.

When you’re working with an end-to-end partner like iO, you don’t have to rely on different suppliers for components of your overarching strategy. We take care of it all. It’s simpler, faster, and financially more advantageous.

What is a blended partnership with iO, and what will it mean for you?

A blended partnership is an intensive collaboration that’s tailored to your organisation. It’s a combination of our other forms of cooperation: experts on campus and consultancy.

On campus, our experts are surrounded by colleagues with deep, diverse knowledge — this results in a dynamic cross-fertilisation of insights, ideas, and solutions.

Alongside this, our experts can also join you at your office, and work as an integral part of your team. This method breeds collaboration through proximity and communication lines are kept as short as possible.

You'll always have easy communication with our account teams, and you'll stay on top of the progress of your projects through regular status calls and our project management tool.

In other words, with a blended partnership you get all the benefits of our expertise in marketing, strategy, technology, and content in the way that works best for you. Whatever kind of guidance or answers you need; we are here to help.

How do our experts work with you?

In a blended partnership, our experts keep the iO campuses as a base, but they also spend an agreed percentage of their time in your team, in your office, for a longer period.

iO's campuses are always nearby — in Belgium, in the Netherlands, or beyond.

We can guarantee that our expertise is always close at hand, and that we are always available to help you to tackle your challenges.

Questions about our blended partnership?

Maybe there are still some aspects of working in a blended partnership with iO that you don’t quite understand. Don't worry we'd love to answer your questions — over a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. We’ll let you decide.

Looking for the best way to collaborate?

Tell us about your challenges, and together we will look for the best tailor-made solution.

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