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Sitecore is a composable DXP that lets you reach customers across all channels — at the place and time that suits them. Sitecore seamlessly brings content, personalisation, e-commerce, and workflows together to deliver the perfect customer experience.

Sitecore Platinum Partner iO has been guiding organisations with Sitecore since 2005, — offering business support, custom development, and answers to all questions about the platform. For example, we built a Sitecore platform for Landal Greenparks that processes 2.2 million bookings every year.

Sitecore was recognised as a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms report for the fifth consecutive time by the influential international research and advisory firm.

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Why work with a leading Sitecore agency like iO?

Sitecore used to be the "all-in-one" DXP. Now the system is evolving into a fully composable stack, and that only offers more advantages. Now you can count on Sitecore for email campaigns, e-commerce solutions, asset management, and much more.

Composable means that every one of Sitecore's different solutions can be deployed separately — that they can be linked to other software whether that’s Sitecore, or third-party software.

You choose which parts of Sitecore are relevant to your project and how you integrate those parts into your existing tech stack which delivers frictionless work processes and better performance. Sitecore is easy to use yet powerful enough to give you the flexibility you need.

A Sitecore agency like iO can help you understand all the options and create a powerful best-of-breed solution that’s tailored to your organisation.

Sitecore: One composable DXP stack for rich customer experiences

Sitecore is more than a CMS or DXP. It is a composable platform that organisations like yours can use to make and keep your contacts happy. With three different capabilities — Content, Engagement, and Commerce — Sitecore lets you choose what's relevant to your situation and what's not.

iO your Sitecore Platinum Partner

iO was the first Sitecore Partner in the Netherlands, an honour we still carry with pride — years later we are still convinced that Sitecore is the best platform to answer your digital questions.

iO is recognised as a Sitecore Platinum Partner — which is Sitecore's highest partner level. This proves that we have the necessary expertise and technical expertise to guide organisations like yours.

With more than 100 Sitecore experts, and a seven-time Sitecore Technology MVP in our ranks, iO knows how to use Sitecore effectively.

Our Sitecore services

Sitecore offers endless possibilities — infinite opportunities, we like to call them — for organisations that want to move forward. That's good news, but it's also easy to lose track of things so we will help you to facilitate:

Organisations that are already benefiting from our Sitecore expertise

iO’s Sitecore experts have been using their in-depth knowledge for years to guide organisations to digital success.

For example, we have collaborated with the following organisations:


Any questions you still have after this amazing page? Hopefully your question is in here below.

Sitecore is a composable digital experience platform. This means that with Sitecore you can reach customers on the channels they use, with a personal approach tailored to your organisation. Sitecore helps you bring content, personalisation, and ecommerce together efficiently.

Sitecore is primarily used by medium to large organisations because it makes the most sense to use a composable platform that allows them to build a custom tech stack.

Sitecore is not a CMS per se, but the composable stack does include XM Cloud — a headless, cloud-native, modern CMS that integrates seamlessly with other tools within Sitecore.

Yes, Sitecore offers headless solutions. The old Sitecore XP is a so-called hybrid-headless CMS and combines the strengths of a headless CMS with the capabilities and flexibility of a traditional CMS. The new Sitecore XM Cloud is a fully headless, cloud-native, modern CMS that builds on this strong combination of features. Our Sitecore experts are here to tell you everything you want to know.

Yes, Sitecore is a composable stack. This means that organisations can choose which parts of the platform are of interest to them — and that those parts work together seamlessly.

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