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The strategic decisions you make today determine where your organisation will be in five years. But that strategy will deliver limited achievements if it's not linked to execution. Working together, we will renew your services and transform your products and processes.

We help organisations grow with digital strategies and concrete advice. We make sure that every brand is prepared for the future.

Our strategy offering


Audits and research

Every professional audit brings you closer to understanding where you stand as an organisation. We look at your data, platforms, technology, and digital reach. Then we map out your strategy framework, supplemented with relevant research.

  • Media & Performance Audit
  • Data & Analytics Audit
  • Platform & Tooling Audit
  • Tech & Security Audit
  • Digital Maturity Audit
  • Market & Consumer Research
Innovation | iO


Our experts create a clearly defined plan that creates new value that your customers are willing to buy. You can stay one step ahead of copycats and innovative competitors.

  • Innovation as a Service
  • Innovation Accelerator Program
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Assumption Testing
  • Venture Building
Digital and business strategy | iO

Digital and business strategy

Organisations don't have to constantly reinvent themselves. Streamline your business processes by deploying the right digital tools and platforms.

  • Ideation Portfolio Themes
  • Business Modelling
  • Roadmap Prioritisation
Technological strategy | iO

Technological strategy

A strong strategy is essential for the technological tools that your organisation uses. It’s the only way you can formulate a vision that ensures that these tools contribute to your objectives.

  • Ideation New Technologies
  • Impact Mapping
  • Tech Architecture
Digital transformation

Digital transformation

With new, robust technologies you reach your audience in a contemporary, efficient way. Our digital transformation teams work exclusively on this.

  • Organisational Design
  • Process Design & Automation
  • Change Management
  • Tech Transformation
Go-to-market | iO


New products and services do not launch themselves. We help you draw up a tactical action plan that will help you reach the right people.

  • Target Group Definition
  • Go To Market Plan
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy

How can we help with your strategy?

Strategy related insights

  • blog-trek_meer_klanten_aan_met_een_omnichannel_strategie-header


    Attract more customers with an efficient omnichannel strategy

    Is your business both online and offline? Then an efficient omnichannel strategy is indispensable for growing your business, but how exactly do you do that?
  • people attending a presentation


    How to start personalising the customer experience

    Most (digital) marketers are very aware of the impact that the customer’s perception of their contact environment – customer experience - has on the experience and the purchasing behaviour of their customers. At iO, we notice that we are being asked more frequently to make the customer experience richer through personalisation. We are all familiar with the examples of personalisation used by Netflix and Facebook, but that level of personalisation is not for everyone. What can you do now and how do you develop an effective personalisation strategy?
  • Woman working with VR goggles


    Validated learning as an excellent innovation strategy

    Today, even innovation and transformation processes are highly subject to innovation and transformation. Uilke Duinstra, innovation strategist at the Utrecht campus of iO, is getting more and more questions from customers like: “We are a mobility company, but we also want to enter the energy market. How do we do that?” or “We are a B2B company, but how do we also become B2C?” More generally, it concerns questions such as “How can we develop relevant new services step by step, without immediately plunging into a multimillion-dollar project we’re not sure will work at all?” These kinds of issues, which show that domains and sectors are increasingly fading, require a new approach to innovation processes.
  • header-event-b2b


    Strengthening your B2B brand in 2022

    In the past, B2B was regarded as the smaller, less interesting brother of B2C. Now we know better. Today we'll show you how you can make a difference as a contemporary B2B brand and get the edge on your competitors.
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