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For many B2B companies, collecting outstanding invoicing takes a lot of time and energy. Atradius Collections therefore helps companies to collect unpaid invoices in 96% of all countries over the world. Their 15,000 customers, depending on their size, have different needs and expectations when filing collection cases. Atradius Collections therefore wanted to develop a digital platform especially for SME customers. Together we developed the commerce platform Atradius Agora, where small and medium-sized businesses with only a few steps, can submit a collection case digitally, receive an online quote directly and can easily follow it up in the self-service portal. The goal? Generating cashflow successfully.
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Atradius Collections


Submitting and handling B2B debt collection cases online for SME customers


Commerce platform, including a self-service portal

Seamless onboarding

With the e-commerce platform Atradius Agora, the onboarding process of new customers is made easy. With only a few steps, an SME company enters a collection case. You directly receive an online quote and you can easily follow its progress in the self-service portal. With the development of this e-commerce platform, the first in the collection market, the on-boarding process for companies has been simplified, and only a few minutes are needed to file a debt collection case. The submitted case is then processed fully digitally in the case management system of Atradius Collections.

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"As a partner, iO took a critical role with a focus on delivering a successful end-product. The collaboration went very smoothly, sometimes it seemed like they belonged to our team. I look forward to the further development of our platform and a continuous good cooperation."

Douglas Voeten

Douglas Voeten, Head of Global Marketing, Atradius Collections

Partner in strategy and development

In order to integrate the e-commerce platform Atradius Agora successfully, Atradius Collections, iO and Codix, the case management system supplier, worked closely together. During the strategy phase with Atradius Collections, iO accurately charted the IT landscape, the relevant workflows and the dependencies within those processes. iO established the API's requirements together with Codix, so the new self-service portal could be linked to the case management system, and the settlement of debt collection cases can take place completely digitally.

To realise the Atradius Agora platform, Atradius standard technology, including Oracle WebLogic, was used, supplemented with modern front-end technology. The platform is managed by iO and hosted in the cloud. For the monitoring and performance management of Atradius Agora, New Relic is used. New Relic monitors performance on various devices, browsers, applications and provides valuable insights on the most critical parts of the application.

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Agile development

The self-service portal was developed using Agile methodology. Prior to development start, architectures, requirements and the development-plan were determined. Subsequently, the platform was developed, giving Atradius Collections and iO the chance to react quickly during the project and able to steer at relevant moments.