An e-commerce strategy: scalable and profitable

Thinking about e-commerce? Or is it just time to update your e-commerce approach, making it bigger, better and more strategic under the watchful eye of an experienced digital partner – one who’s great with B2C and B2B webshops, and even self-service platforms? Then heaps of digital commercial opportunities are yours for the taking. Where there are opportunities, there are often questions. Which target audience are you trying to reach? Which channels are most suited to get services or products under those users’ noses?

A strong strategy will always beat random efforts to start e-commerce haphazardly. The next step towards an online business boost – guided by our experts.

Commercial success is always customer-driven

Who writes the rulebook for e-commerce? Not your organisation or your products, but your customers. That’s why a strong e-commerce strategy is always customer-centric. In short: the customer is king, even in the digital world. Anyone wanting to get started with e-commerce needs to consider a few important things first:

  • A detailed e-commerce strategy is the foundation of every move you make. The main theme for your range, channels and content;

  • Your KPIs connect everything. Every KPI is linked to a method aimed at obtaining a specific goal;

  • E-commerce is a box, but you can think outside of it. Service design as an e-commerce solution, for instance;

  • Support in integrating e-commerce into your company strategy, including change management and digital transformation expertise;

  • Which proposition are you advertising in the market? Which target audience are you trying to reach? The answers to these questions are decisive for your next moves;

  • E-commerce is not a novelty to us: our experts know the challenges of efficient e-commerce operations and their experience truly makes a difference.

At iO, we have technology, strategy, content, and marketing experts – who all join forces to shape your e-commerce strategy. Through marketplace marketing, new technological solutions, digital roadmaps and more. Our experts will give you a commercial result that fits your organisation.

iO e-commerce expertise: experience and care

At iO, we’re familiar with many industries. Our experts have already assisted many companies of varying sizes in various industries.

Thanks to that experience, we know exactly what will and what won’t work for each project. We link strategic knowledge to technical and marketing knowledge, from UX design to measuring and improving results.

Clients we’ve helped with e-commerce strategy:

Signify - iO
Softube - iO
Time for an e-commerce strategy?

Our strategists and marketers will happily tackle your challenges with you.

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Why iO?

At iO, you get to rely on an end-to-end partner. So, you won’t have to worry about a thing: whether you need strategy, content, technology or marketing support.

Our army of experts excels at setting up and executing e-commerce strategies, but they also ensure that:

  • Your customer experience aligns with your brand and brand experience;

  • Your efforts lead to results by getting the most out of your platform;

  • You get access to expert support and early access to beta programmes.

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