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Are you thinking about implementing e-commerce? Or is it time to take a more strategic approach to your e-commerce activities, with an experienced digital partner – in B2C and B2B webshops and self-service platforms? There are many digital, commercial opportunities waiting to be seized. And where there are opportunities, there are often many questions. For example, how do you ensure that thousands of customers around the world know how to find your buy button on every channel? Or how do you set up and implement a marketplace strategy? We help you to get answers to questions like this and formulate a suitable e-commerce strategy with stakeholders in your organisation.

  • Shape plans that drive your business operations 

  • From insights towards an actionable strategy 

  • Kick off work sessions 

  • From positioning strategy to marketing plans 

  • Independent choice of technology and platform 

  • E-commerce as an integral part of your customer journey 

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One partner for strategy and execution

We develop e-commerce strategies that bring your business objectives together with technology, content, and marketing with the stakeholders in your business. Strategy in place? Great, then we can put it into practice. Because that is typical iO: strategic, tactical, and operational level collaboration. Delivering commercial end results that are tailored to your organisation.

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Commercial successes are always customer-driven

Who determines the rules of e-commerce? Not your organisation or your products, but your customers. This means that a good e-commerce strategy is first and foremost customer-oriented. What other important considerations should you take into account? 

  • The decisions you make in your e-commerce strategy are the basis of your e-commerce actions and are the common thread running through your offer, pricing, channels, and content 

  • You use your KPIs as a coat rack. Each KPI is connected to a method to achieve that specific goal 

  • Take a broader approach to e-commerce than just technology, so that you really make your webshop an integral part of the customer journey and your organisation 

  • Make sure that your e-commerce strategy is widely supported throughout the organisation, so that operational teams can execute the daily roll-out of the strategy and steer management in a targeted manner 

  • If you are thinking about an international webshop, make well-considered decisions about what you arrange globally and which initiatives you carry out locally, so that you can ensure that you work efficiently while local customer needs into account. 

Case: Transformation in B2B e-commerce

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How Van Hoecke set out to achieve 100% digital order intake in B2B

How do you transform a predominantly manual order process into 100% digital order intake? Van Hoecke, a manufacturer of functional furniture fittings, approached iO with this question. In this video, you will discover how our experts developed a new B2B e-commerce approach — and continue to support the company year after year.

Clients we have already helped with e-commerce strategies:

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Time for an e-commerce strategy?

Our strategists and marketers will happily tackle your challenges with you. Everything starts with listening.

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How does iO work?

  • 1
    A critical, listening ear

    No matter how much our experts have to say, as strategists, listening critically to your story is their first task. Looking ahead and making the right strategic decisions starts with critically evaluating the current state of your organisation. Relevant data and insights are essential for this.

  • 2
    The journey begins: discover & define

    Now that we know how far along you are, we want to get to know your organisation, your brand, your team, and everything else inside and out. With this we define your organisation’s mission and determine the long-term objectives. This is the final component of the strategic plan.

  • 3
    Who's who: measure & identify

    Which stakeholders are crucial to the organisation and the plan? What interests do they have? Taking these important needs and wishes into account in your strategic plan, lays the foundation for success. The result? Organisations that can adapt to changes in the market and stay one step ahead of the competition.

  • 4
    Step by step: your plan of action

    So much for theory, now for practice? A strategic plan of action is the tool for our experts to pursue the desired results based on the analyses and objectives. What steps are still needed? How can you execute your strategic plan in the most efficient way, with support from your organisation? The answers are your plan of action.

  • 5
    Ready, set, go: deploy and monitor

    As a final step, we convert the strategic plan into concrete actions and closely monitor progress. We regularly evaluate whether the plan still meets the objectives. Does it deviate? Then we will make the necessary adjustments. This aftercare is essential for a successful strategy that secures the future of your organisation.

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