Omnichannel B2B Commerce

Many trade organisations invest significantly in own on premise facilities, such as a new, large and highly automated distribution centre and a new ERP system to take full advantage of all possibilities the new distribution centre offers. Also EDCO, a world-renowned trading organisation, has invested in this. Their existing webshop, on the other hand, was outdated and the manual processes it required were extremely labour-intensive. Together with EDCO, we developed an international B2B commerce platform, including integration of the iO Product Information Manager (PIM) and M3 Lawson. The commerce platform, stock and order process are now automatically linked to each other, which means that in this process, manual actions are no longer necessary.




A new webshop without labour-intensive processes


An international B2B commerce platform, including integration of a PIM and M3 Lawson

B2B Commerce specialist

We helped EDCO clear up the existing product information infrastructure by conducting an analysis and offering advice on how a webshop would best fit into this infrastructure. This allows the organisation to make optimal use of its existing systems and the information they contain.

Based on this advice, EDCO decided to set up a new international B2B e-commerce platform. iO mapped out EDCO’s demands and wishes during a preliminary study. During this study, we created so-called clickable wireframes in order to safeguard the webshop’s usability and completeness even before its actual realisation.

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"The right approach, combined with the expertise of iO, has led to fantastic results."

Bas van der Weerden

Bas van der Weerden, E-commerce Manager EDCO

Product Information Management (PIM) is the answer

Finally, iO developed the international B2B webshop. Typical B2B requirements such as client-specific prices, a differentiated product range per country and billing and credit features were added to the webshop. The webshop is powered by iO’s Product Information Manager (PIM), to allow the product range to be centrally managed and to keep the webmaster from wasting time on entering, filtering and selecting products.

Complex features such as client-specific prices and product ranges, group rates and environmental charges are fully automated and integrated into the ERP application. A quick-add button allows visitors to add items to their shopping cart immediately, without first having to visit the item’s specific page.

The end result is an extremely modern, quick and smooth B2B shop that offers full integration into EDCO’s entire IT landscape. Without any extra work, the shop, the product range and the order process are all tied together and EDCO can count on top-of-the-line B2B performance.