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Everything is measurable in the digital world. With the growing presence of Data & Intelligence in digital processes, accountability is also increasing. It doesn’t just stimulate creativity, it also efficiently measures and validates, demonstrating clearly how quickly you can recoup investments in marketing and sales. In other words: get rid of the emotion in the boardroom, bring in the data.

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Data-driven insights: marketers are getting ever closer to the truth

Improve your customer experience with data-driven insights and optimisations

Thanks to new technologies, we can achieve a high degree of predictability with data. This is the end of the try first, and then analyse the results era. Marketing is becoming more efficient. As an organisation, you can manage your budgets better and can continuously optimise campaigns.

  • With marketing mix modelling you can audit the results of your marketing investments from the past three years to predict how to use the budget effectively in the future.

  • You don’t have to stick with one data platform, but data mesh: use different data sources that coexist and allow data to flow through each other to give you stronger insights.

Don't think of the four major data domains – science, engineering, analytics & insights – as islands, but connect them to extract learnings and conclusions from data.

Whitepaper: Get more insights into the effectiveness of media with Marketing Mix Modelling

Digital marketing offers enormous opportunities in the field of data-driven working. We often fail to take advantage of these opportunities. That's means you miss out on a lot of opportunities to maximise the impact of your budget.

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