Piwik PRO: Analytics with a focus on privacy and data security

Piwik Pro

User privacy and data security are important, and that’s not likely to change. Organisations must adapt to privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA.
The answer in analytics-land? Piwik PRO — an analytics tool where end users and their privacy come first.

The platform is recognised worldwide for its efforts to protect privacy and is used by leading organisations like the European Commission, Microsoft, Credit Agricole, and the Dutch government.

  • GDPR-compliant

  • Alternative for Google Analytics

  • Flexibel hosting solutions

  • Includes heatmaps

  • Export your data

  • Easy to use

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Our Piwik PRO services

Piwik PRO may not be as well-known as Google Analytics, but our experts are here to help you use this tool properly. For example, we made Knauf France's setup completely GDPR-compliant without sacrificing functionality and insights.

iO is Piwik Pro Partner

iO is proud to be one of only 6 recognised Piwik Pro partners in the Benelux.

Piwik Pro Partner

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Clients that benefit from our Piwik Pro expertise

AZ Herentals
Avery Dennison

No more time-consuming discussions with the legal department. With Piwik Pro you can be sure that you are GDPR compliant.

Glenn Weuts | iO

Glenn Weuts, Head of Marketing Technology

Two people working together at an iO campus

The alternative to Google Analytics

Google's new data model — Google Analytics 4 — is confusing for many users. Moreover, there are lingering questions about the legal implications of Google Analytics. For several companies, this is the reason to switch to a European analytics alternative such as Piwik PRO.

Piwik PRO shares many core features with Universal Analytics, which lowers the learning curve after a Universal Analytics migration. The perfect solution for marketers who want a trusted solution that is GDPR-compliant.

The advantages of Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO is the most privacy-driven analytics platform on the market — but that's not the only benefit.

How well do you know today’s web analytics landscape?

Who else works the land of web analytics? Unknown as they may be, that does not mean that these lesser-known web analytics tools don’t have unique properties, features and benefits to offer your organisation. Who knows, one of them is a perfect match? Read all about it, right here.


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of only 6 recognised partners in the Benelux


Piwik Pro setups

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