Alternatives to Google Analytics 4


How well do you know today’s web analytics landscape?
When talking about web analytics, Google Analytics is usually at the top of the list. Google Analytics 4, is the undisputed king of web analytics tools. Or is it?

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GA4 has a lot of capabilities. Our analytics specialists know that better than anyone. But what else are they certain of? That no single web tool rules its category unchallenged, not even tools from tech giant Google.

So, who else is operating in the field of web analytics? They may be relatively unknown but that doesn’t mean that these lesser-known web analytics tools don’t have a whole lot of unique properties, features and benefits to offer your organisation. Who knows, one of them might be a perfect match? Read all about it, right here.

In this whitepaper:

  • Why go with an alternative to Google Analytics 4?

  • Piwik Pro

  • Matomo

  • Piano Analytics

  • Mixpanel

How well do you know today’s web analytics landscape?

As a modern organisation, you have plenty of reasons to consider an alternative to Google Analytics. Some alternative analytics platforms offer unique (advanced) features, for example. The level of support, usability and cost also vary considerably. Ultimately, it pays to compare the platforms and pick the one that best fits your organisation's digital business.

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