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Data privacy is important for marketers. They need analytics tools that respect user privacy and handle data ethically. One platform that does all that is Matomo Analytics.

Matomo Analytics is an open-source alternative to Google Analytics where privacy and compliance come first.

The platform is consistently rated highly by users — the most popular features are data visualisation, KPI monitoring, and performance metrics.

Matomo vs. Google Analytics

So why exactly is Matomo such a strong alternative to Google Analytics? We list the benefits of Matomo Analytics below.

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iO is an end-to-end agency with more than 2000 experts in marketing, technology, strategy, and content.

Not just the perfect partner for technological choices, but also experts in strategy and creative campaigns.

We have in-depth knowledge about Matomo Analytics, but we can also advise you on tools and platforms that integrate seamlessly with Matomo.

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How Matomo Analytics became an established global presence

The Matomo Analytics story started in 2007, when a student discovered the world of free software and decided to build an open-source analytics tool.

Today, Matomo Analytics is more than a student project. Now it’s a leading open-source web analytics platform, used by more than 1.4 million websites in more than 190 countries — and supported by a team of more than 20 employees.

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