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How to maximise the engagement with your newsletter

Proximus shares its latest news and offers with customers and prospects in a newsletter sent 4 times a year. The telecom giant wanted to find a solution to boost reader engagement; the open, and interaction rates for these e-mails.
To achieve these objectives, several iO specialists combined their expertise to come up with a new email template that would encourage recipients to interact with their content.


Following the adoption of this new template, we observed greater levels of reader engagement, leading to a newsletter open rate of 52%, a result never achieved before.

We also noticed a clear increase in the number of clicks on the links present in the newsletter. Overall, the conceptualization of this new template has optimised the reader experience.

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Spark reader interest to counter the trend towards lower newsletter engagement rates, by optimising presentation and content to encourage target audiences to want to know more about all the new products and offers on offer.


The creation of a new template with the inclusion of dynamic content, such as special offers based on the target audience’s profile. In addition to improving user experience, this new template makes it possible for iO to carry out data analysis. They can now analyse the results of each block easily and use the feedback to optimise future newsletters.

Some numbers


Increase in opening rate


click-through rate


Better monitoring
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