How do you make the brand experience rich and consistent across all audiences?

With the new brand idea "Oceans of possibilities" as a common thread, Damen Shipyards makes optimal use of today's digital tools. In this way, the organisation offers its customers a rich and consistent brand experience — across all channels.
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Damen Shipyards


Make the brand and user experience more consistent for all audiences


Build a central website and map out a digital transformation path

About Damen Shipyards

Damen Shipyards Group is a family-owned business with 35 shipbuilding and repair yards worldwide active in defence, shipbuilding and engineering. The organisation offers maritime solutions through design, shipbuilding, and repair.

Digital transformation

Damen Shipyards was looking for a partner for a large-scale digital transformation project. That's how they ended up at iO. The goal of that project? To improve, enrich, and bring consistency to the brand and user experience for all target groups.

Because Damen has such a diverse product range — fishing boats, barges, ferries, luxury yachts, and more — each type of customer needs to be addressed differently. As a result, the digital landscape has fragmented over the years, and our experts helped solve that with a strong brand strategy and digital positioning.

The new branding was developed by digital branding agency BORN05, and iO translated the brand guidelines into digital designs.

DXP as a central solution

After a lot of research based on the customer journey, we discovered how Damen Shipyards can best align its online services with the diverse needs of its customers.

With these insights, we got to work building the new as a digital experience platform (DXP). This is a central platform that allows you to reach your target groups through different channels (e.g. website, app, social media, etc.).

We chose Storyblok because their DXP is versatile, secure, and scalable — exactly what Damen was looking for. By combining Storyblok with Next.js and Incremental Static Regeneration, we ended up with a fast and responsive platform.

Damen’s future

With the DXP, Damen is ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Adding new functionalities to the platform is easy and efficient. And thanks to the digital transformation into a central brand concept, "Oceans of possibilities" embodies the new Damen identity by embracing the immense amount of possibilities on the water.

Talk about infinite opportunities.

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