A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for modern MACH successes

The expectations for digital experiences have never been higher. Personalised digital experiences with relevant content across different channels, yet still recognisable. Personalised buyer suggestions, waiting room screens, personalised playlists and telly tips are some examples of what users can expect in the MACH era.

  • A full-on API-first approach

  • Publish directly across touchpoints

  • Integrate content, marketing & personalisation

  • iO: DXP experts

  • Migration services & support

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Goodbye ‘traditional’ CMS, hello DXP?

Tackling these challenges doesn’t always align with what a content management system can offer you. A CMS is strongly connected to the distribution channel, which is a weak spot. This creates content silos: secluded places with important content inhibited by limitations, just because content management hasn't been adjusted to new, modern touchpoints.

With a DXP, however, you opt for an integrated set of different technologies, based on a central place from where content is managed and sent to all touchpoints. It’s what makes DXP the perfect recipe for a consistent, secure and personalised way to share information, across various touchpoints.

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What do you get out of a DXP?

  • Your touchpoints won’t need individual treatment anymore – thanks to the API-first approach of your DXP, you get to enjoy structured content management.

  • A DXP manages the front end based on the role, security permissions and preferences of the user for a personalised experience.

  • A DXP allows you to publish content directly on your websites, apps, portals, chatbots and other digital touchpoints.

  • By opting for a DXP, you go for scalability that allows you to easily add new channels, languages and technologies to your digital ecosystem.

  • A DXP combines a content management system with integrated marketing and personalisation components to, besides sharing content, find out everything about the people that see it, interact with it and share it.

  • As an organisation, you get more insight into your users’ data and your system allows you to respond quickly and efficiently – the end of slow deployments.

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Time for a DXP to support your digital ecosystem?

Whatever channels or touchpoints you have, our experts can help you.

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Why iO?

When you go with iO, you get an end-to-end partner. In other words: a partner that has years of marketing, technology, strategy and content expertise.

Our DXP implementations aren’t the only way we make a difference, we also help you:

  • translate your brand story to the right visuals

  • make your digital ecosystem and accompanying integrations perform;

  • visualise the perfect web design and implement it.

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