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When we say AI, you think ChatGPT. But AI is so much more than that, and our experts are here to show you what it means. We will guide you how to find ways  to add real value to your organisation with AI — on every channel, for every audience, and all the time.

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Strategic AI Workshops

In the right hands, AI can have countless applications. But we understand that that process can be very overwhelming.

Find out more about the possibilities of AI for your organisation in a practical workshop. You and your team can explore AI guided by an iO specialist. We will work with practical examples, so that you have a clear picture of the impact that AI will have on your business operations.

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Smarter business processes thanks to AI

AI is more than hype. In recent years, the technology has developed to be a powerful tool for organisations in a variety of industries.

At iO, we have extensive expertise in AI and machine learning. We use Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS platforms to accelerate business processes, reduce error margins, and automate operations for our clients.

But what does that mean in practice?

Well, we help you process documents faster and more efficiently, integrate conversation interfaces such as chatbots, process text and voice, and perform big data analyses.

In other words, we will help you to embrace the boundless potential of AI.

Auditing en research

In-depth data analysis

Data makes the world go round. How can marketers and data specialists stand out from the crowd? Through an integrated approach. 

AI offers added value by uncovering opportunities in terms of SEO, keywords, and SEA strategies more quickly. We combine this with advanced big data solutions from cloud platforms. This provides you with clear insights that keep your organisation one step ahead of the competition.

But it doesn't stop there.

Maybe the answer to your questions is hiding somewhere in your mountain of data. Think of specific trends in sales, customer behaviour, and production processes. AI can help you distil reports, insights, and trends from it together with our data scientists. Useful insights.

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Hey ChatGPT, write for me...

Generative AI is in the spotlight today. And while AI encompasses more than just that — machine learning and Natural Language Processing can also deliver substantial value to organisations — generative AI can also accelerate various tasks.

No, AI is not going to steal your job. But people who achieve synergy with the machine will work more effectively and more efficiently tomorrow. That is why we at iO are also integrating more and more (generative) AI tools into our daily work.

Uncertain about how generative AI can add value to your organisation? Our strategists and AI experts are here to tell you more about it.

AiO: our own, secure AI tool

To give our 2000+ colleagues a secure environment free of the risk of data leaks or breaches, we developed AiO — a GDPR and ISO compliant, controlled tool based on popular GPT models, hosted in a compliant environment in Europe.

With AiO, our employees can experiment with AI and build confidence in new technologies.

We manage the tool, that means that we can always add new functions and integrate the tool with our existing systems (CRM, project management, etc.).

Are you interested in learning more about this secure version of the popular chatbot, as a means to  discover the possibilities of AI? We love talking about AI and what it can mean for your business operations. Contact us.

Tools that empower our AI skills

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure


Why iO?

"Everyone talks about AI as hype, but the emphasis should mainly be on the impact for companies," says Raymond Muilwijk, Center of Excellence Lead Technology at iO.

A typical pitfall he sees is that technology – AI – is set as a goal. AI is then added to a product or service purely for marketing or image purposes. But ultimately, AI as a tool is all about transforming the way you can solve business problems.

And that's exactly how we look at AI at iO: as a way to help organisations achieve their goals. In every field — marketing, digital transformation, content, and data.

Whitepaper: Everything you need to know about Large Language Models (like ChatGPT)

In this whitepaper, we discuss the development of these models, as well as their uses and limitations. We go back to the beginning of AI - ELIZA and Deep Blue - and look at ChatGPT's current popularity, including the opportunities it offers for keyword clustering, advertising, customer service and more. In short: everything you need to know about AI and Large Language Models right now. 

Technology and strategie design

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