Everything you need to know about Large Language Models (like ChatGPT)

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AI language models, better known as Large Language Models, such as ChatGPT are hot. For some, they are a fine piece of pastime, for others an important tool to achieve business goals – not in the least for SEO and SEA. As they gain plenty of popularity, the complexity of the picture is also becoming clear, just the capabilities of AI. It becomes important to fully understand their potential, and their limitations, before you start working with them.

Download the whitepaper

In this whitepaper, we discuss the development of these models, as well as their uses and limitations. We go back to the beginning of AI - ELIZA and Deep Blue - and look at ChatGPT's current popularity, including the opportunities it offers for keyword clustering, advertising, customer service and more. In short: everything you need to know about AI and Large Language Models right now. 


In this whitepaper: 

  • The evolution of AI  

  • Language models and your business strategy  

  • Ethics and AI  

  • AI chatbots in your workflow  

  • Applications for SEO and SEA 


Getting start with AI yourself? No time like the present! 

Now is the perfect time to make work of your AI strategy. This can be done bottom-up or top-down and with different AI large language models to achieve your goals. At the same time, that's an important element to remember: language models are more than just the ChatGPT interface.   

Regardless of the choice you make, never lose sight of the human-in-the-loop strategy and explore the potential of each model. The combination of humans and machines has a lot to offer your organisation too. 

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