300+ boutiques in one commerce platform

Consumers are increasingly looking online for luxury fashion and unique items; but despite the increasing demand, stores with this assortment were not (yet) online. Winkelstraat.nl therefore wanted to be the first in the Netherlands to develop a commerce platform that combines shopping in physical boutiques with a high-end service and experience online, whereby the boutiques are offered a complete commerce fulfillment. Together with Winkelstraat.nl, we developed the Magento multi shop commerce platform, the iO PIM system and the in-store platform for boutiques: DOCK, an iOS app and the entire logistics integration. The goal? Offering physical fashion stores the opportunity to easily and quickly offer their collection via an additional, online channel. This way online shoppers get the chance to shop exclusive fashion from a selection of 300+ affiliated boutiques on one webshop.
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Items of more than 300 boutiques on one webshop, including complete commerce fulfillment


A Magento multi shop commerce platform, a PIM system and the in-store platform for boutiques: DOCK, an iOS app and the entire logistics integration

Cross-channel commerce platform

For many retailers, investing in a webshop is a carefully considered step. That makes sense, because there is a lot involved in the implementation and especially the running of a successful webshop. Creating unique content, marketing, optimisation, maintenance, continued development and more... Winkelstraat.nl takes all this out of the hands of the retailer and combines the forces of the best boutiques in a single cross-channel e-commerce platform. All complex e-commerce affairs are properly taken care of straight away. New boutiques can join the collective quickly and easily and have their own webshop up and running in no time at all. This way, retailers have the option of making their exclusive collections and unique items available online.

"Every day, we strive for maximum returns. The cooperation with iO is intensive and very pleasant."

Joost van der Veer

Joost van der Veer, CEO Winkelstraat.nl


Product information management

Winkelstraat.nl focuses on the convenience of both the retailer and the consumer. For example, the retailer can sign their collection up to be photographed. The items are photographed in Winkelstraat.nl’s professional studio. iO’s Product Information Manager (PIM) links these images to the items in question. Managing the collection is easy as well. With the help of a tablet web application (DOCK), the retailer can walk through their store and manage their stock right then and there. The retailer is notified when an order is placed. This also allows Winkelstraat.nl to guarantee rapid delivery of its orders.

Consumers will always have a pleasant shopping experience. The webshop is fully optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. A clear and easy-to-understand navigational structure and extensive search, filter and sorting options make the collections easy to find. The extensive and exclusive product range is perfectly captured through professional product photography. The availability of the items is linked directly to the retailer application and updated in real time. The checkout process is short and clear and purchases are delivered in a fancy package with a personal twist. A unique customer experience from webshop to doorstep.


Full commerce support

iO supports Winkelstraat.nl with the setup and continued development of its entire platform. We have been involved with the development of this ambitious platform from the very beginning. During the initial phase, iO actively contributed ideas about the platform’s technical feasibility and the necessary architecture. The wireframes that iO developed formed the foundation for the webshop’s user-friendly interface. iO was responsible for the technical realisation of the entire platform and the management environment for the retailers. Furthermore, iO’s PIM was used for the management and enrichment of product information. This ensures that all product information is uniform and of the best possible quality.

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