How do you centralise orders in a bespoke e-commerce platform?

Délidis, one of Belgiums’ leading suppliers of fresh food products for the hospitality, catering and food retail industry, needed a digital refresh. The company wanted to stimulate its online sales, improve customers’ user experience and centralise its order processing. We helped the food specialist develop a custom e-commerce platform.

  • Personalized user experience

  • Efficient order processing 

  • Progressive Web App (PWA) Technology

  • Centralized order management

  • Long-term scalability

Need for a digital refresh

Before Délidis came to us, the company already had a digital tool for taking online orders. However, that tool had already passed its expiry date quite some time ago. User statistics affirmed this, as only 20% of Delidis’ customers ordered online.

Additionally, the company also struggled with processing and centralising its orders, which came in via different channels (online orders, phone calls, e-mails).

Therefore, Délidis decided to partner with iO for a digital refresh. We helped the company develop a new custom e-commerce platform that:

  • makes the online ordering process easier for customers;

  • helps to process all orders more efficiently.


Generate more online orders, improve customers user experience, centralise order processing.


A new tailor-made e-commerce platform with sharp UX — based on research, testing, and data.

About Délidis

Délidis is a specialist fresh produce supplier offering a wide range of high-quality products. What sets them apart is their ability to meet the unique needs of each customer, with customised solutions and a focus on quality, reliability and personal service. With a precise selection of suppliers and a dedicated team, Délidis offers a wide range of fresh produce to the hospitality, catering and food retail sectors, fully committed to meeting their customers' culinary vision and requirements.

screens of the Délidis platform
délidis platform on phone

A “fresh” custom e-commerce platform

Improvements for Délidis’ customers

To improve the digital user experience of Délidis’ customers, we developed a webshop that automatically tailors the offering to each individual customer.

On top of that, the platform also shows the fastest possible delivery dates for products. These dates are automatically suggested based on:

  • the delivery preferences of customers;

  • the best-before date of products;

  • products’ food processing needs (if any).

Finally, customers can also make and save lists with their favorite products. This makes it easier for customers to re-order saved products.

"What makes our platform special? The user-friendliness towards customers and the huge investment in the back-end of the platform. This gives us an architecture that we can continue to build on for years to come."

Sofie Robben, Marketing Manager at Groep Peeters-Govers

screenshots of the platform
Solutions for Délidis

To help Délidis process its orders more efficiently, we created a seamless integration between Délidis’ e-commerce platform and ERP.

We developed the platform to be a Progressive Web App (PWA), meaning it’s perfectly compatible with Délidis’ systems and easy for Délidis to update at any given moment. Additionally, we also added unique product IDs to Délidis’ ERP.

Thanks to the integration, product and customer information is automatically sent from Délidis’ ERP to our web framework. From here, we automatically send orders back to the ERP, where they are collected and grouped so that they can be processed smoothly.

We helped Délidis with

Hmmm, nice numbers!


orders a day


unique users
the platform on a phone

A “fresh” start for customer and end customer

Since the launch of its new platform, Délidis says it has been able to process orders much better. In addition, Délidis' customers also seem to like the new platform, as almost 80% of all orders now come in via the platform.

The project once again demonstrates the importance and benefits of a seamless bridge between an ERP system and the end customer's user experience. On the one hand, Délidis customers can now order their fresh products more easily and securely than ever. On the other hand, Délidis has a platform with no expiry date that it can build on for years to come. Win-win.

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