Webshop optimisation results in 67% more orders

When customers returned to placing orders by telephone because the outdated webshop wasn’t user-friendly, Atos Medical Netherlands started looking for an effective solution. We renewed and optimised their B2C webshop with tailor-made functionalities that quickly yielded 67% more orders.


Atos Medical Netherlands


Faster and more user-friendly B2C webshop


Thorough pre-analysis, personalised advice, renewed design and custom development

Atos Medical Netherlands

A well-functioning webshop is essential to survive in the e-commerce landscape. In the medical sector, too, demand for healthcare products and devices online is increasing.

This is also the case with Atos Medical Netherlands, global market leader in the field of laryngectomy care. Atos Medical designs solutions and develops technologies for people who breathe through a tracheostomy. They serve more than 70,000 patients who have undergone a laryngectomy, in more than 70 countries.

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Faster and more user-friendly

iO started with an extensive preliminary analysis to map the specific needs and requirements of the patients and Atos. For example, the Atos webshop does not have to display prices because customers don’t pay when ordering the products they need, because the cost is settled directly with the health insurer. For this, certain functionalities had to be deactivated and other functionalities, such as the payment module, had to be adjusted.

The analysis also showed that the old webshop was not up-to-date and was running on outdated technologies, which resulted in a loading time of sometimes up to 10 seconds. In combination with a non-user-friendly flow that demanded too many clicks, it was often difficult for patients to place their orders. That is why the focus was on ease of use and page loading speed when building the new webshop.

Optimised flow

Since the patients are mainly elderly people clarity and ease of use are priorities for the webshop. The data showed that visitors regularly ordered the same products, so we integrated a custom search functionality that remembers the patient’s chosen filters, so that they see the same selection on their next visit without the need to re-apply filters.

By adding favourites and the option to repeat a previous order with one click, we shortened the flow for visitors. The concrete objective was to have patients place their orders with the minimum number of clicks.

"The concrete objective was to have patients place their orders with the minimum number of clicks."

Better findability

We advised Atos Medical to stop protecting the webshop and make it public, only hiding certain information. Visitors can access the hidden information by creating an account and logging in. By removing the webshop’s 'gated' status it became instantly findable in search engines, which immediately resulted in more organic visitors.

To build the webshop, we started from a basic e-commerce system that was expanded and adapted based on Atos Medical’s needs. We designed a suitable visual style with Atos Medical branding, so that the webshop is not only structured better but also has a more modern look.

All products had to be transferred for the switch to the new webshop. Since the website requires regular updates, we organised training sessions to familiarise Atos Medical employees with the CMS so they can adjust fields and add products themselves.

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Clear dashboard with stunning results

We set up a personalised Data studio Dashboard through Google Analytics to track the performance of the renewed webshop accurately. It quickly became clear that the goal of 10% more orders was far exceeded, and the webshop registered no less than 67.4% more orders. The webshop also attracted 104.6% more unique visitors and 87.4% more returning visitors.

"The webshop registered no less than 67.4% more orders and 104.6% more unique visitors."

More than half of the visitors navigated directly to the website because they are already familiar with Atos Medical products. About 30% of traffic comes from organic search. Where in the past, a significant number of patients ordered by email, that percentage has been negligible since the webshop renewal.

The dashboard also shows clearly which products are the most popular, so that Atos Medical can respond to this. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and is well secured, regular maintenance is carried out on the website, and the loading speed and bounce rates are closely monitored.

Thanks to a thorough preliminary analysis and tailor-made development, we were able to provide Atos Medical with a good converting webshop that allows customers to order more easily and also provides huge growth in visitors and orders.

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