Service design adds a human touch to your services

Service Design

Want to create, develop, test or improve a new service? By applying modern service design knowledge and as-a-service principles, your product or service will most likely match your goals as an organization. In their most simple form, these are the best frictionless user experiences in the whole of the customer journey.

But the real potential goes beyond that, even as far as a complete make-over of the (product or services) offering of your organization.

  • strategic profiles blending with designers

  • deliver on expectations optimally 

  • combining UX & CX

  • sustainable solutions

  • turn customers into brand ambassadors

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Why is service design so important?

As users, we are becoming increasingly demanding. Nowadays, we don’t tolerate it when products or services leave us with an inferior (digital) experience. Frustration often leads to dismissal of the product or service. Especially now services are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex, additional support for users has become indispensable. Neglecting that fact could damage your digital ecosystem.

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Clients who trust our expertise

How iO designs services that work

Our experts work together on iO campuses to tackle the complex challenges of large and not-so-large organisations.

And those experts know what they’re doing: they are true specialists when it comes to marketing, strategy, technology, and content. They use their experience to help organisations like yours get ahead.

They aren’t all-round tech people who dabble in service design when they feel like it – service design is often embedded in their way of working.

But service design is so much more than just developing new services with specific goals in mind. It is a highly efficient method – we call it design thinking - to develop services that focus on the user's experience and help you create valuable touchpoints in the customer journey. This is how they make services human and experiences better.

Ready to optimize your service design?

Our experts will help you develop serices that keep your users happy throughout their journey.

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Why iO?

When you go for iO, you go for an end-to-end partner. In other words: a partner with years of experience in marketing, technology, strategy and content. We don’t just wow our clients with radio and television advertising. We also help you:

  • Turn your brand story into captivating creative campaigns;

  • Reach your target audiences on the right channels;

  • Find the right balance between emotion and reason.

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