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Digital transformation should be a priority for any organisation seeking to stay competitive in the digital age. Trends and developments come in rapid succession and there are countless digital opportunities to be exploited. Buzzword or not, the time for digital transformation is now.

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iO as digital transformation partner

The experts at iO support organisations in every sector in the field of digital transformation — as a partner by your side from strategy to optimization. We like to call it 'Acceleration-as-a-Service', based on the DRIVE model.

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Successful digital transformation: 5 pitfalls you should avoid

In this white paper, we take you through five common pitfalls in digital transformation and give advice on how to avoid them.

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Problems worth solving

  1. What does upcoming trend X mean for our organisation in the near and distant future?

  2. How do we leverage digital resources for a more efficient and cost-effective approach to operations?

  3. As an organisation we have access to large amounts of data. How do we leverage those data and insights, internally and externally? What is the value of our business data?

  4. How do we use digital technologies to optimise our supply chain operations?

  5. How do we become more agile in responding to customer needs?

Clients we've helped with digital transformation

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Society’s digitalisation has gained momentum

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Consumers expect companies to be on board and anticipate their digital needs. Steven Van Belleghem (partner iO) talks about the three main advantages he sees in technology and digital transformation: faster than real-time service, hyper-personalisation, and the ultimate convenience.


We help you initiate change

  • Make the right strategic choices to achieve your organizational goals with more confidence and accuracy;

  • We use a wide range of innovative tools: inspirational events, hackathons, design sprints, digital experiments, training, and more;

  • We deal with relevant ideas in a structured, process-based manner;

  • By learning people new behaviour and innovation skills, you can implement necessary changes faster in every layer of the organisation;

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Digital transformation is not a project, it's a process

Digital transformation is all about a shift in mindset: it's a process that allows your organisation to use the opportunities, expectations, and possibilities of technology so that your responses can be flexible and adaptive. This agility enables you to (continue to) respond to the ever-changing needs of your customers in an innovative way.

Stay ahead of the competition

Download the Opportunity Report and access our experts’ shared vision of the challenges, opportunities, and emerging technologies set to arrive soon.

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“Don't take your current competitors as a benchmark. Competition can come from anywhere these days. Use your future ambitions and your own data to assess where you are in the competitive landscape.”

Hans Van Eemeren

Hans Van Eemeren, Strategy Director

A message from one of our strategists

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“Courage and curiosity will become even more important in the coming years. Especially for organisations that want to innovate and enter new markets, engage with new target groups and develop new propositions."

- Daan Langbroek (Lead Strategy, Innovation & Transformation)

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