Successful digital transformation: 5 pitfalls you should avoid

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Globally, only 30 percent of companies successfully implement digital transformation. This is because digital transformation touches every aspect of a business: from people and processes to infrastructure and customer relationships. The key to a successful transformation is to pay attention to all these aspects - but that doesn't always happen. 

In this white paper, we take you through five common pitfalls in digital transformation and give advice on how to avoid them. 

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After reading this white paper you will: 
  • Understand the ongoing momentum behind digital transformation. 

  • Understand the differentiating factors of successful companies. 

  • Be familiar with the 5 common digital transformation mistakes. 

  • Have a clear picture of what successful companies do well during digital transformation. 

  • Find out how Stage Entertainment and the Professional Institute of Real Estate Agents (BIV) have addressed digital transformations. 

Is it possible to be successful today  
without your business operations having a strong digital component?  

At iO, we don't think so. 

If you don’t just want your organisation to be relevant today, but also tomorrow, digital acceleration makes improved and renewed business operations possible. In fact, companies that invest too little in digital innovation run the risk of falling behind the competition and losing market share.  

Nevertheless, a 'digital ambition' should not be the starting point 

Ultimately, technology is only a means to achieve and exceed your organisation’s objectives. Therefore, we are looking beyond technology alone in this white paper.  

Clients we've helped with digital transformation

Stage Entertainment
Van Hoecke
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International Film Festival Rotterdam
Van Der Valk
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