How do you double your mobile conversion within 4 years?

As you navigate around on your mobile from the comfort of your sofa, you’re thinking about greenery, tranquility and relaxation. Pleasant, calming vibes, no need to do anything. Suddenly you’re alert: there’s only one house left and this category has been booked three times in the last 24 hours! Without wasting a second, you click on 'Complete your booking'.

There's a whole world behind the journey to you making that booking. Together with the experts at Landal GreenParks, we work as one team. With one goal: to make your booking process as smooth as possible. How do we do that? And how we have more than doubled mobile conversions in 4 years? Join us as we take a look at the world behind the scenes at the partnership between Landal GreenParks and iO that has been going on for more than 20 years.

  • 119% higher conversion on mobile in 4 years

  • A streamlined work process

  • Long-term collaboration

  • Redesign from start to finish of the entire booking process

"Companies often achieve 5 or 10% conversion on mobile per year. We have achieved 119% in 4 years. That is extremely high and unprecedented in our industry. And also very important, because most visitors visit our website on mobile."

Mikael Andersson

Mikael Andersson, Chief Commercial Officer Landal GreenParks

Your holiday fun starts on the website

Landal GreenParks are all about making holidays fun. Whether you’re drawn by the subtropical swimming fun, kid’s entertainment, getting a breath of fresh air on the beach, or brisk walks in the mountains. The more than 100 parks, spread across Europe, have something for everyone.

More than 90% of guests book their holiday through The website has 3 goals: to inspire you to travel, to guide you to parks where there are available cottages, and to make booking effortless.

So it's no wonder that this site has the highest priority at Landal GreenParks. We have been doing everything we can to make this channel stronger and better for over 20 years. The key to that? We continue to reinvent our partnership and the way we work together. And above all, we are always honest, open, and transparent with each other.

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Helping users by making booking easier. In order to grow the conversion and thus the Landal GreenParks business.


A streamlined work progress with a strong management vision, 4 dedicated teams and a long-term, open and transprarent collaboration.


Focus through setting clear goals

More than 4 years ago, there was no shortage of ideas and wishes for the website. With every suggestion, whether it came from our team or the organisation, we enthusiastically set to work together with the Landal GreenParks experts. Without knowing in advance whether it was really going to yield anything.   
Why waste valuable time and money on what might be the wrong things? We were desperate for guidance and clear goals from Landal GreenParks, in order to make a real impact. Helping users by making booking easier. In order to grow the conversion and thus the Landal GreenParks business.  

About Landal GreenParks

Landal GreenParks is a dynamic leader in the management and rental of holiday resorts located at the heart of nature.

They have around 3,000 employees and more than 100 parks across the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Hungary - each of which offers the peace, surroundings and experience that their guests love.

Changing course: an autonomous team with control    

After some trial and error and many discussions between Landal GreenParks E-business director Wesley Kloppenburg and iO Business partner Beppie ten Böhmer, the 'Epic development process' was born. Under their leadership, we transformed into a powerful, autonomous team with a single agenda and vision. Divided into 4 stable sub-teams, also known as customer journey teams. Each with a Product Owner who is in control, so that we keep the lines of communication short.

Our working method in a nutshell: every quarter we determine the epics together based on Landal GreenParks’ business goals. An 'epic' is a practical problem that the team work with. Such as refining and improving login, online payment or search filters. We follow 3 phases, from idea to concrete implementation. Constantly checking whether it really adds value as we work.


Streamlined work process

  1. Opportunity assessment: Landal GreenParks management takes a thorough look at the idea, assesses the benefits, possible opportunities and risks, and consults our developers for technical input and our designers for user input.

  2. Epic Validation: This is where we dive deeper: what value are we adding for the customer, what dependencies are there, how many people and resources are needed, and what are the costs? We make UX sketches or a technical proof of concept, to show how it works in practice for the user.

  3. Building: We draw the roadmap for the coming quarter up together: what are we going to build and what do we need for this? In standard sprints of 2 weeks, we solve the user problems.


Much more efficient construction process 

What are the benefits of this Epic development process and the autonomous team? Both iO and Landal GreenParks make much better use of the people and resources we have.

The team only works on the best ideas. Thoroughly thought-out ideas that add real value for the user and Landal GreenParks as an organisation and that yield at least 5% conversion. Think of improvements in the Customer Effort Score and the Customer Satisfaction Score. More importantly, the team understands and influences what business goals they are pursuing.


The best ideas for your digital conversion

What were the best ideas that helped us to achieve a conversion increase of 119% in 4 years? Of course, we won't reveal all our secrets, but to give you an impression, here’s a small selection:

  • Redesign from start to finish of the entire booking process.

  • More and better photography of the parks and accommodation.

  • Show flexible booking conditions more clearly.

  • Creating scarcity: there are 2 houses left, so take your chance.

  • Authority: 120 people have viewed this cottage in the last 24 hours.

When combined, these steps do wonders for your digital conversion.

Landal GreenParks Boekingsflow

Back to your sofa: summary

Do you now have an idea of what it takes to make booking as easy as possible for you? If you haven't dozed off on your sofa halfway through, you now understand the power of a strong management vision, a streamlined work process, and long-term, open, and transparent collaboration. All thanks to the people who ultimately make the difference.

Do you want to know more about how you can improve the conversion of your own website? Or are you curious about the details of our work process? Take us into your world and contact us. Who knows, maybe we can make a difference there too, with you.

The collaboration in numbers


Landal GreenParks and iO have been partners since 2001


higher conversion on mobile in 4 years

1.3 milj

active Landal Parkapp users


more unique app users in the past year


squads: Discover, Shopping, Booking and Stay. And 1 technical team.


colleagues who work together with the Landal GreenParks experts every day

"With all the website changes and the structured way of working, we are building something marvelous at Landal GreenParks. And with the strong sense of 'we'; At the end of the day, it's the people who make the difference."

Mikael Andersson

Mikael Andersson, Chief Commercial Officer Landal GreenParks

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