How do you build a global B2B platform tailored to foodservice professionals?

Potato specialist Aviko was facing a shift in market approach. The organisation wanted - in addition to their main wholesaler target audience - to reach out to culinary specialists directly about their product range. How do you manage that in true high-tech fashion? Our answer: with a global B2B platform, multisite, multilingual, headless and including a makeover of the brand experience. This is how Aviko and iO shaped a fitting digital stage for Aviko products, and top-notch digital service for all of Aviko’s customers.

  • Tailor-made B2B platform

  • 10 international websites in 12 months

  • From research to execution

  • New digital branding

  • Close collaboration

About Aviko

As one of the world’s market leaders in potato products, Aviko connects people, cultures, and tastes by bringing joy to tables all over the world. The table is the place where it all happens. And Aviko wants to be at every table. They connect everyone in the chain, from colleagues to growers, suppliers, customers, chefs, and consumers.

Founded in the Netherlands by 32 potato growers in 1962, today Aviko is a global player today. With a portfolio of more than 100 distinctive potato products, Aviko is active in more than 110 countries.


An improved, online operation for B2B end users.


A multi-site, multi-language platform for lead generation and online branding.

The collaboration in figures


international websites set up in 12 months


sample requests in 2022 (Netherlands)


organic visitors (Netherlands)

Communication tailored to the chef

Aviko had been working shifting in their market approach for some time. As part of the digital transformation programme, they decided to work on building relationships with end users in addition to supplying wholesalers. For example, Aviko wanted to provide culinary professionals (chefs) information about their impressive product range. This is in addition to nurturing existing relationships with wholesalers, who play the essential role of intermediary.

Aviko wrote a clear pitch: the development of a global B2B platform to bring Aviko's solutions to the end user, using robust, future-proof technology. iO won the pitch and from the beginning had the collective knowledge spread across the campuses both at home and abroad. This project was a true cross-campus collaboration from the start.


Phased product development, from pitch to presentation

It had been clear to Aviko for some time that they needed a whole new platform in order to reach the end user. That immediately justified a phased approach. As part of the discovery phase, our experts delved into the Aviko data, so that they could get the complete picture of the extent of the project goals, KPIs and a thorough target group survey. There was also a lot of Aviko documentation available, which our strategists gratefully got to work with.

Phase by phase - from project planning, defining, and testing to describing the technical landscape and the final integration - the design of the platform was tackled in short, agile sprints. We called on expertise from our other campuses to provide the right answers to Aviko's questions. The scale of the project was a recurring challenge. Rolling out a platform across multiple countries, perfectly localised and translated, took a lot of work. One platform, one CMS, but with unlimited possibilities for expansion.

Our digital experts also provided a brand experience makeover, in the form of a new digital branding and corporate identity for Aviko.


A fresh, digital face for a new target group

With a brand new B2B platform, Aviko encourages chefs to get the best out of their products. Our answer to meeting the needs of this new target group: headless. With a headless CMS, you decide how you design your frontend, because the content from the API does not determine the layout. This gives designers and UX-ers more creative freedom to design the frontend. A fine UX and on-brand design are decisive factors for the digital end user. Just like an equally flawless experience on mobile devices - which immediately explains our mobile-first approach.

At Aviko's request, we worked with Drupal with GraphQL as headless CMS and Next.js with TypeScript as headless front-end. Also included: integration for marketing automation with Salesforce Pardot; including design system, based on Storybook. We designed individual components from scratch so that we could focus on providing the right, digital experience.


A nutritious collaboration with Aviko

Today, the cooperation between iO and Aviko has already gone through several stages, to the great satisfaction of both parties. With a dedicated product owner on the Aviko Foodservice Global side, our teams had direct access to a valuable internal voice who provides up to date information and manages and informs key stakeholders. Both teams used the same Slack channels and can easily communicate and access expertise on other iO campuses.

"Thanks to the agile and enthusiastic cross-campus collaboration with iO, we have taken significant steps in the digital field in a short time. We are proud of the international, online B2B platform that meets the needs of our customers."

Peter Terwindt

Peter Terwindt, Global Senior Digital Marketer / Product Owner, Aviko


Ready, set, go - time for a global platform go-live

Right now, Aviko's new B2B platform is live in several countries. To be precise, 10+ geographical locations, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands. The .com extension is also active for several countries and is now accompanied by the South American language variant, ready to introduce food professionals around the world to Aviko.

Every local version may have the MVP label, but our experts provide an almost complete product. Fully-fledged platforms ready to serve the end user. Today it's Aviko's turn. They continuously complement the different types of content while the iO team adds new questions, features, and possibilities to the core product with further development sprints. In the meantime, they assist Aviko with know-how and experience in content and localisation.

Does your organisation want to offer your customers top digital services on an international stage?

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An award-winning project

In 2023, this project won a Splash Award - Winner in category Design & UX.

We couldn't be more proud of this recognition. It's a testament to our intensive collaboration with the client and the right blend of expertise and skills.

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