Pieter Janssens - CEO iO

iO is a blended agency.

Say what?

A blended agency. Because that’s what our clients need.

We blend talents from different specialisms. Strategy, Technology, Content, Creation and Marketing.

Why should you work with a blended agency?

Back in the old days, (we include last year in this), CTOs and CMOs hired specialised agencies to work on projects in the different disciplines. But when we started our iO adventure it was clear to us that there is no technology without strategy, and the traditional divide between content and marketing doesn’t really exist. It’s the same for all disciplines, you’ve got to work together. We make space for talents from iO and our clients to blend, so that we can unlock the power of collaborative intelligence.

Our blended teams create the most effective futureproof customer experiences.

That’s what we mean by iO is a blended agency.

It's a simple, clear vision of the future. Blending made so much sense to us when we talked to our clients and analysed the market, that we brought more than 20 agencies together to create a new organisation, with digitally diverse talents in campuses across Belgium, the Netherlands, and the Nordics. Blending a solid understanding of many different markets, we look forward to facing the future with our clients.

Wondering what’s in it for me?

Well, when we add your business or organisation to the blend it unleashes a certain magic. We spend time getting to know you, your business, and your customers so that we can pool our talents (read: blend) in order to identify your needs now, and in the future. Without you we are nothing, with you we are everything, (and you know what we say about everything). We start by building the perfect teams to take care of your needs at every stage of your digital journey. We understand the market. Short lines mean we can adjust the blend when required. Want to scale it up? No problem. Need to scale it down? Again, that’s no problem. But you can be confident and face your challenges, secure in the knowledge that iO is here for you. Strategic thinking for the long term? Or a short-term fix? We are hands-on, we think on our feet, and we will not rest until you’re satisfied that we have moved mountains to get the blend right. Delivering digital excellence, we celebrate the wins because, after all, experience is everything.

The world, society, and businesses are blending. It makes a lot of sense.
We are iO. A blended agency.

Ready to share our vision? Let’s talk & blend!

Pieter Janssens