How do you spread the sustainable message of a European market leader?

Our client HAVEP, a manufacturer of workwear, has been using recycled textiles in its production processes for years. Because of its approach, HAVEP leads the European market when it comes to sustainably produced workwear. At iO, we have been helping Havep spread its sustainable message - successfully - for several years already. And this year was no different.

  • Years of collaboration 

  • Online & offline branding 

  • Different types of content 

  • From strategy to execution 

  • iO as an active partner 

Sustainability and digitalisation intertwined

As a blended agency, we have been supporting HAVEP for years. We helped the company rebrand, build a new website and set up an extensive communication campaign to share its sustainable approach with the world. 

Motivated by the results of the new website, rebranding and communication campaign, HAVEP decided to extend our collaboration. Together, we set out two new goals: 

  • further share HAVEP’s sustainable message and approach  

  • further strengthen HAVEP’s thought leadership and position as a European market leader and global player. 


Spread HAVEP’s durable message and increase thought leadership


Online and offline branding, content creation, marketing & development – vertical-based, measurable, and innovative.


Havep is a Dutch manufacturer of workwear, founded in 1865. The headquarters of the textile company is still in Goirle, where it all started with the original founder. Today, HAVEP makes workwear, safety clothing, and base layers for various industries. HAVEP is the European market leader in sustainably produced and environmentally responsible workwear.

Additional branding & new content

To help HAVEP reach its goals once again, we pulled out all the stops and offered HAVEP a 360 support, both online and offline.


In terms of online branding and content, we used our previous realisations as a basis to weave new written, visual, audio and interactive content

On the one hand, our digital creatives used their digital spinning wheels to create new content for the HAVEP website. On the other hand, we also went to work with HAVEP on location and in the studios of our campuses in Herentals and Rotterdam to create, among other things:

  • webinars (with live Q&A)

  • product videos

  • A podcast about sustainability 


We are a blended agency, but that doesn’t mean our services stop at the edge of our computer screens. We also helped HAVEP with its offline branding by creating new visuals and interior elements for its brand new offices. Additionally, we also supported HAVEP in creating new product catalogues and event materials such as flags and banners. 

helicopter lighthouse
giant robot

Dealer platform based on verticals

Another thing we did for HAVEP, was rework its dealer platform, which had grown into a jumble of functionalities in which users easily became entangled. Based on the simplicity by design principle, we unravelled these functionalities and gave a clear structure to all tools & services to make the platform more user-friendly.

New web order functionality & product configurator recommendation

Furthermore, we also added a new web order functionality to the dealer platform. This functionality allows dealers to place and follow up their orders more easily.

Additionally, HAVEP also asked us to brainstorm about its dealer platforms ‘easy design’ product configurator. On the one hand, the configurator makes it easier for customers/dealers to put together personalised workwear. On the other hand, it makes it easier for HAVEP to produce said workwear in a sustainable way. Win-win.

Dashboards for measurable and visible results

At iO, we underpin every action and advice with insights and data. This way, we make sure we can give our clients tangible and visible results.

For Havep, we set up a dashboard where the results and data for the company's most important KPIs are collected. Through the dashboard, HAVEP can monitor all its actions and campaigns. Also, the dashboard gives us clear insights into what works and what doesn't work, allowing us to make targeted adjustments to actions and campaigns and go back to the drawing board if needed. A prime example of end-to-end.

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