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A well-thought-out go-to-market strategy is essentially just a guide for launching a new proposition, service, or product. The main goal is always to reach potential customers and achieve real results. Our strategists will be happy to help you.

  • Launch new services and products

  • Based on data

  • In-depth strategic expertise from iO

  • Reach your goals

  • Relevant in every sector

  • Industry knowledge and experience

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Why choose iO?

Our experts help organizations in various sectors - B2B, B2C, non-profit, and everything in between - tackle their biggest strategic challenges every day.

In terms of conceiving, building, and evaluating go-to-market strategies, we join forces:

  • Our strategists do the big thinking based on in-depth qualitative and quantitative research;

  • Our creatives devise eye-catching ways to showcase your new products and services;

  • Our marketeers help you reach the right people on the right channels;

  • Our technology experts develop and implement the necessary digital solutions to achieve your goals.

In other words, at iO you will find broad, but also in-depth experience in content, strategy, marketing, technology, and more. Together, we optimize your entire go-to-market process and make it a success.

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Organizations that rely on our expertise in go-to-market

ABN Amro

No launch without a go-to-market strategy

Just as every organization should have a brand strategy and a (content) marketing plan, a strategy is also essential to launch or re-launch your product, proposition, or service.

In such a go-to-market strategy, you make conscious choices: think of naming, target audience(s), objectives, and KPIs. With that strategy in place, you can achieve your goals in a very targeted way, always hit the mark with your marketing efforts, and achieve the best results.

If you don't have a go-to-market strategy, you are shooting with hail - trying anything and everything. Sometimes you might hit the mark, but most efforts end up being wasted.

How does iO work?

  • 1
    A listening ear

    No matter how much our experts have to say, listening to your story is their first order of business. In the meantime, expect a diverse group of interlocutors. As your blended partner, we have specialists in every digital domain. Who knows which expertise will be unexpectedly valuable for your project?

  • 2
    The journey begins: discover & analyse

    Are we joining forces? Then we want to get to know your organisation, your brand, your team, and everything else inside and out. We dive into your data, your documentation, and your dashboards. Our analyses are tough but also crystal clear. We come at you prepared. You can count on reaping the benefits in the end.

  • 3
    To the drawing board: define & design

    Do we have a clear picture of the situation? Then we go for an equally clear picture of the solution. Together, we work out our collaboration process in detail, from roadmap, technical set-up, working prototype and MVP. Here, we use every relevant expert we can find. We’ll do anything for a unique project, tailored to your wishes and needs.

  • 4
    Ready, set, go: build & implement

    And then there was... the actual work. In line with the agreements, frameworks, and resources, we set to work agile. As a project team? Or in close collaboration with your own, internal team? From one of our campuses or as consultants on your shop floor? This phase involves the most fun weeks, or even months, in which we get closer and closer to our goal.

  • 5
    Necessary aftercare: run & optimise

    Went the fruit of our labour live and is the champagne uncorked? Our experts still don’t rest. Because the next, important phase begins. Together with your organisation, we monitor performance, solve post-live issues, and further optimise where necessary. You can also count on us for training and troubleshooting long after going live.

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