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Good UX means better business. A positive user experience is a great way to build solid relationships between a brand and its (potential) customers. Our UX designers not only provide a pleasant experience for your users, they ensure a consistent brand experience across every journey as well, from the look and feel of the different platforms to the content and communication between brand and customer.

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A smooth experience for your user

An optimal user experience is a win-win situation in the purest sense of the word. The user gets a smoother surfing experience, which is crucial in times when we as digital users are becoming more demanding.

A positive user experience will:

  • impact your reputation as a brand significantly

  • help you convert faster and achieve more sales.

That’s why you need to make sure that your content as well as the user experience is adapted to the customer journey of your target group.

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Our vision

We approach UX from different angles. Our iO experts monitor the information architecture, the user interface (UI) as well as the content itself. Microcopy, for example, is one of the many elements that can make a huge difference in the field of UX — even with just a few words. A well-conceived UX is now the stronghold of any kind of platform: from campaign site to e-commerce platform, to intranet applications and online portals.

And last but most definitely not least: interaction design, functional operation, visuals and content… everything plays its role in a solid UX strategy.


How your organisation can benefit from UX strategy

  • It will help you understand what the process ultimately delivers, by means of design, prototyping and concepts that help users find what they need;

  • You will create the best possible user experiences throughout the customer journey and at all key touchpoints, both online and offline;

  • You will approach the development and maintenance of user interfaces systematically, and discover how the interface conveys brand values and strengthens the UX;

  • Usability research will learn your organization how visitors experience the platform and which optimizations could improve their experience.

Boost your conversion rate with UX research

Do you know when UX research can be useful? Here's a hint: it's not just when you're developing a new platform. Investing in UX research is also a good idea for existing websites and apps. We'll tell you all about it in our newest UX whitepaper.

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