The perfect hospitality experience roots in co-creation

By creating a seamless hybrid hospitality experience, Landal GreenParks ensures holiday guests become brand ambassadors. The key to this successful digitisation lies in our transparent client-partner approach, mutual trust and the co-creative synergy between the company, our dedicated teams and the end users.
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Co-creating a hybrid customer experience

With the ongoing pandemic and customer expectations changing drastically, the travel and leisure industry needs to reconsider its service model. Just offering accommodation or transport no longer suffices.

Landal GreenParks has long been aware of this evolution. For the last twenty years it has strived to offer their customers a unique holiday experience. And for just as long we have been working side by side to make that happen. Together, we created a hybrid hospitality experience that delights guests - from the moment they consider booking a holiday till the moment they leave their Landal GreenParks' accommodation.

"The people of iO are like colleagues, really. We have grown together - from our first digital steps to the continuous improvement of our digital customer experience."

Wesley Kloppenburg Landal Greenparks | iO

Wesley Kloppenburg, Director E-business, Landal GreenParks

Booking made easy

Landal Greenpark manages and administers 100 holiday parks across 9 countries. The brand manages around 15,000 bungalows and 1300 camping pitches, some of which are owned by Landal GreenParks itself, others by individual owners. When the organisation first contacted us, some 20 years ago, they were looking for an online booking management system that would enable their guests to book stress-free and allow owners to manage and monitor their rental homes with ease.

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Cocreative pioneers in hybrid hospitality

Acting as one has never felt so true as with our client, Landal GreenParks. For two decades we have worked side by side to improve hospitality. Where in 2001-2002 we pioneered in digitising holiday bookings together, we now manage, expand and improve an intricate and mature digital hospitality ecosystem. To provide a flawless hospitality experience online, we mapped out and validated a digital strategy together. This allows us to work agile, cross-functional and across teams, freely suggest improvements and still stay the course.

Include end-users

Whenever a major client service issue surfaces, we ensure actual users validate our solution.

A new app, a far-reaching adjustment of the booking journey or a digital check-in concept are first tested. as a prototype and in real time by Landal GreenParks' guests, homeowners and park managers. Thanks to a series of personal interviews and surveys, for example, we discovered that guests prefer to plan additional activities during their stay and from one day to the next. This insight greatly contributed to the design and development of the Landal GreenParks app in 2017.

Dedicated partner teams

By employing an agile mindset and shared whiteboards, each one of us can offer suggestions, raise questions or signal opportunities - whether they be a developer at the iO team or a marketing manager from Landal GreenParks. At the back-end of this hospitality experience there are no less than 6 dedicated expert teams. Each is monitoring and improving 'their' site section (discovering, shopping, booking), the performance trajectory, app development or the homeowner platform. This enables the team members to really focus on the desired user experience and optimise it - step by step.

Landal GreenParks | iO
Landal GreenParks | iO

Hybrid hospitality: convenience and conviviality

True hospitality needs a hybrid approach: a seamless digital ecosystem for convenience and real life contact for conviviality. Our advice therefore sometimes exceeds that of a technology partner to ensure the customer experiences flow seamlessly from digital and real life.

  • The booking system: your holiday starts here. Booking a holiday is a stressful event - especially when done digitally. To reduce this stress and create a holiday feeling from the get-go, visitors are offered the possibility of personal contact throughout the online booking process.

  • Landal GreenParks app: total holiday experience. To allow guests to plan their activities and day trips during their stay, we've developed the LandalGreenPark app. It offers them the practical and recreational information they need for a comfortable and laid back holiday - filtered per park or resort.

  • Digital check-in, seamless arrival. Thanks to the digital key feature in the Landal GreenParks app, guests no longer have to physically check in at the often crowded front desk. They simply unlock their accomodation with their smartphone. The app communicates their arrival and departure to the reception system. This digital service is the result of a design sprint we simulated with guests in a real life situation.

Working as one to improve service

As a result of our co-creative partnership and the inclusion of end users in our agile design and development process, Landal GreenParks offers their visitors a seamless and stress-free digital experience: from discovering the possibilities and shopping for the ideal Landal GreenParks destination to booking it.

Offering a hybrid service? We're happy to help.

Want to find out more about designing and upscaling a hybrid customer experience? Need help improving your client service? We're happy to help you discover the opportunities.

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