How do you strengthen the competences and qualifications of financial experts?

With Edfin, BZB-Fedafin launched a training platform to take the knowledge of intermediaries in banking and investment services to the next level. An extensive range of classroom training courses, exams and training via e-learning.


Edfin, part of BZB-Fedafin


A clear and informative training platform


A clear online ecosystem using learning platform Sofia

Learning on Edfin

Edfin is a training platform of BZB-Fedafin, the professional association for intermediaries in banking and investment services, insurance and credit. We made the platform specifically for those who belong to PC 341, the joint committee for intermediaries in banking and investment services. With Edfin, BZB-Fedafin organises a wide range of education courses to strengthen the competencies and professional qualifications of financial professionals. Employees who are part of PC 341 can attend these training courses free of charge.

An informative and clear platform

The training courses on Edfin are aimed at people active in the banking, investment, insurance and credit sectors. The courses consist primarily of classroom training and exams, but as a forward-looking organisation, Edfin gave e-learning a prominent place on the roadmap of the new training platform.

"At Edfin, we dare to look ahead. That is why a quality e-learning environment is an important part of our training platform."

- Albert Verlinden, CEO BZB-Fedafin

That's why Edfin was looking for a partner to set up a clear, informative platform on which its members can get an overview of all relevant training courses and register and manage their records. We linked this to a fully fledged LMS (learning management system) Edfin can organise e-learning modules and online exams with.

Our goal? An online ecosystem that focuses on learning and on which officeholders can manage the courses of their employees.

Edfin mockup

Qualitative learning with Edfin

Translating the client's vision into practice required customisation. Our main ingredients—from a technical point of view—were PHP, Symfony and ElasticSearch. For the e-learning part, we were able to build on our expertise with the online learning platform Sofia, which we linked to Edfin's content environment.

On the LMS, different users get access to different functions depending on their role. As an individual user, for example, you are able to find suitable training courses, link your profile to an office or organisation and consult your FSMA points.

On Edfin, an officeholder can, among other things, monitor the training requests of employees and consult the training history. Teachers and organisations that offer training can manage their courses. Thus, the different target groups are nicely intertwined within the system.

Those who register on Edfin are shown a certain segment of the training courses based on their profile so that the offer is always relevant.

Never too late to learn

Edfin has been very successful. Only three years after launching the platform, we already offer just under 200 courses. We also notice a great eagerness to learn among the target group: in total, they have already followed 3,000 courses—a number that continues to grow.

Do you want to set up a learning platform as well? Are you curious about what we can do for you?

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