Payment methods and transactions viewed easily online

PAYONE, one of the leading payment processors of online, instore and omnichannel payment solutions, processes over 2.5 billion transactions for about 365,000 customers every year.
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Ensure customers can easily manage and see their payment solutions.


An international online portal

To ensure that customers can easily manage, view and inspect their payment solutions, there was a need for an online portal for merchants. That’s why iO developed an international online portal for PAYONE that merchants can use to easily view and manage their payment terminals and options, to access invoices, and to view live transactions via the payment systems.

A one-stop-shop for merchants thanks to portal consolidation

Over the years PAYONE has grown and now processes payment transactions for over 365,000 merchants. The expansion of new services lead to the addition of extraonline portals. And as customers were using multiple services, they were forced to log into different portals to manage their products. To increase the ease of use, PAYONE asked iO to bring the portals together. To create the ‘one-stop-shop’. iO consolidated the several portals into one new online portal. A microservices architecture was put in place to realise a flexible, scalable system.

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Advantages of a single online portal

The new international portal gives merchants easy access to PAYONE’s different services; they can easily view and manage payment transactions, terminals, users and payment options, download invoices digitally and modify commercial messages on receipts and terminals.

In addition, iO configured and integrated an Identity Management and a Single Sign-On solution. Because of this, users only have to log on in one place. The allocation of roles, rights and authorisation is thus centrally controlled and this generates security and convenience advantages for both portal users and PAYONE.

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Agile development

Agile development of the international online portal and portal consolidation was key to the collaboration between the PAYONE IT team and iO. Using short lines of communication and a shared view of the future in relation to issues such as process, functionalities and technology, iO has been able to support PAYONE in developing the technical roadmap, acting as a digital partner and adding value where required.

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