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Microsoft Ads helps you connect with people when it suits them and reach an audience that’s ready to engage online and buy your products or services. A Microsoft Ads partner like iO can help you use your marketing budget’s full potential.

Microsoft Ads’ solutions

With Microsoft Ads, you can reach over 650 million unique visitors each month through search engine marketing, native advertising, and display advertising.

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Why iO?

Working with iO means you get to work with a dedicated, end-to-end partner. But what does that mean?

Well, it means that our experts don’t just have extensive knowledge in terms of marketing, technology, strategy, and content. They also have in-depth expertise in their respective fields, and they love using that expertise to help you reach your goals.

Because we’re an official partner, our expertise is recognised by Microsoft itself – something we’re immensely proud of.

Our Microsoft Ads services

Do you want to advertise with Microsoft? We’d be happy to lend you a hand. This is how we can help you:

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