How do you facilitate hundreds of online transactions per second?

As one of the world’s largest Payment Service Providers (PSP), Worldline processes payments from the world’s busiest e-commerce platforms and online merchants with hundreds of transactions every second at peak times. Of course, end users, merchants, and developers who integrate payment methods all have high demands. To optimise the user and developer experience of the Worldline Connect Platform, iO designed and implemented, among other things, the new integrations layer, payment pages, an API explorer, and developer support with a developer portal.

  • Optimisation of the UX and DX 

  • New integration layer, payment pages, API explorer, and developer portal 

  • Stable solution according to modern security requirements 

  • Global support of more than 100 payment methods 

Worldwide platform with 100+ payment products

With global presence and support for over 100 payment methods, such as Mastercard, PayPal, Google & Apple Pay, WeChat Pay, and Boleto Bancario, Worldline is an extremely successful Payment Service Provider (PSP) for merchants operating internationally. With years of experience and a continuous stream of investments, Worldline has developed a payment platform that occupies a unique position in the market. Despite the range of online payment methods on offer, the ease of integration of these technical products is also becoming increasingly important. 

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Optimising the platform’s UX and Developer Experience


Among other things: designing and implementing a new integration layer, payment pages, API explorer, and a developer portal

About Worldline

Worldline is a leading player in ensuring secure payments and reliable transactions worldwide. Their innovative online payment solutions are accessible to all, promote sustainable economic growth and strengthen trust in secure payment options such as credit cards, direct banking and online wallets.

Online payment methods that meet all modern security requirements

After an extensive vendor selection process, Worldline tasked iO with the implementation of a host of improvements related to integration and mobile support: the Worldline Connect project that encompasses transaction processing in different currencies and covers the range of national payment methods per country or continent. We designed and implemented a new, clean REST API for the Worldline Connect platform to serve as the foundation for all new integration options. This was combined with a modern webhooks implementation that provides asynchronous updates on the status of a payment. 

In collaboration with Worldline’s own payment specialists, iO worked on the core of the new platform, new API definitions, and highly responsive Payment Pages. The MyCheckout service is of particular interest to merchants looking for limited exposure when it comes to the strict credit card security standard PCI-DSS. Aspects such as performance, A/B testing, mobile security, and conversion optimisation were key concerns in this process. 

We developed and implemented SDKs (Software Development Kits) for the use of payment products in native mobile apps, to make it as easy as possible for app developers to integrate Worldline’s rich set of payment products into an app. We also created SDKs for e-commerce servers based on PHP, Node.js, Java, and many other programming languages. This makes it easy for developers to test and integrate Worldline online payment products for all common set-ups. 


Flexible API Gateway and developer portal

The stability of the API Gateway of payment products was subject to the highest possible standards. The API had to be able to securely process hundreds of payment transactions per second. It was also important that it was possible to shift the focus to further development in various regions worldwide. After the first deliveries of the Worldline Connect platform, the focus shifted to the integration of payment gateways in all parts of the world behind the new Connect API, to expand the range of payment products available in regions such as India and South America. A technically complex project, but also essential that its development should have zero impact on existing merchant integrations. The solid set-up of a well-designed API played a decisive role in this. 

Clear API documentation and the availability of a sandbox environment plays an important role in the developer experience and the ease of integration of payment products. That’s why iO developed a developer portal that collects and structures all information about API and SDKs. We also developed a comprehensive API explorer, allowing developers to easily prepare and test integrations. We used a data grid to enhance scalability, performance, and stability. 


To the cloud with AWS

In partnership with AWS, Worldline and iO are working towards increasingly seamless integration with secure cloud services. The global coverage of Worldline as well as AWS ensures a 100% match on the regions where computing power and data storage are needed. As an AWS Select partner, iO is closely involved in re-platforming, re-engineering, and automation of the entire pipeline to the AWS cloud.

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