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Taking that (successful) plunge into e-commerce? In that case, there’s plenty to be said about realising and running e-commerce in practice. That's why our experts seamlessly integrate the right e-commerce platform into your operations to best support your goals.

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  • B2C & B2B expertise

  • E-commerce business, data & IT

  • Marketplace specialists

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At iO, we understand this better than most. In a competitive field like e-commerce, you need to be on top of your game, and a strong e-commerce strategy is built on more than just an e-commerce platform.


Boost e-growth with e-commerce

E-commerce can be somewhat of a complicated issue in the eyes of many organisations. The right online product range, customer journeys, B2C or B2B and whether to choose Amazon over knowing all there is to know about your (digital) customer is the first step towards getting the answers. We guide you through this process.

Such adventures are best tackled with the right package of expertise. We provide a powerhouse of business, data and IT: in the form of a team with specialists in strategy, UX & UI, CRO, software architectures and development.

Case: Transformation in B2B e-commerce


How Van Hoecke set out to achieve 100% digital order intake in B2B

How do you transform a predominantly manual order process into 100% digital order intake? Van Hoecke, a manufacturer of functional furniture fittings, approached iO with this question. In this video, you will discover how our experts developed a new B2B e-commerce approach — and continue to support the company year after year.

The e-commerce kick-start guide

The evolution in the e-commerce world moves at an incredible speed. That’s why the e-commerce issue becomes more and more complex, with new technologies, products and strategies to deploy. And companies have no choice but to try to keep up with this rapid evolution.

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Information Security ISOIEC27001
iO is 27001 certified

We use this international standard to help us deal with information security in a structured way. Availability, integrity, and confidentiality are central to how we work. The ISO 27001 certificate underlines this commitment.

Read more about iO & ISO27001

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