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Akeneo is a PIM system that helps you grow with the best product experiences. PIM stands for Product Information Management — a tool to centrally manage and structure all your product information, in other words. At iO, we often use Akeneo because of its user-friendliness and extensive functionalities.

Whether you are looking for a click-and-collect solution, migrating from one e-commerce platform to another, or building an e-commerce strategy from scratch: Akeneo is always a smart move.

Why choose Akeneo?

Website visitors want accurate, relevant product information on the channels they use. This is not only possible — it's a necessity in today's e-commerce landscape. 

Besides, more than ever, brands need a consistent product experience — online and offline. The user experience on external marketplaces (such as Amazon) also has to fit into the story. This is possible, with Akeneo.

Akeneo is open source software, built with future-proof technology. The interface gives you great flexibility to manage your products. Moreover, you can easily share the information in the system with external systems. That's why Akeneo is the perfect platform to distribute your product information over different channels.

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The advantages of Akeneo

Working with Akeneo is a pleasure. We'd love to tell you why.


With Akeneo you manage and improve your product data constantly, in one central system. Users are assigned different roles, and the "Teamwork Assistant" allows you to easily assign tasks to colleagues. Workflows for content creation, validation, and publication are easily created using the planning options of Akeneo.


Does your organisation have an extensive product range? Then the most important data types differ per product. With Akeneo you divide your assortment into different product types. Based on this structure you determine the priorities in your workflow.


Product data that is bundled in one system is easily available for different purposes. With a powerful API, you can share your data with external systems effortlessly. Besides the API, you can also import and export data based on files.

iO's Akeneo expertise

Implementation of Akeneo in your organisation

Support in structuring your product data

Symfony expertise

Extensive experience in e-commerce

iO is your trusted Akeneo partner

Throughout the years, our experts in e-commerce have noticed that managing product content becomes increasingly important in a successful e-commerce approach. As an Akeneo Bronze Partner, we make your organisation future-proof — with a flexible product structure that is ready for changes in the market. Think about integrations with e-commerce systems, marketplaces like Amazon, offline sales channels, and more.

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