Your offering at the centre of a three-dimensional stage with the right product configurator


How do you photograph a product that doesn’t exist (yet)? Or showcase features that are out of reach for normal cameras, like the inner machinery? That’s where 3D product configurators come in, giving you the power of 3D as a visual element.

  • Quality 3D product visuals

  • VR & AR technology know-how

  • Next-generation product representation

  • Showcase potential products

  • Boost sales processes

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What do product configurators do?

Product configurators help you create any customisable product you want without needing any specific knowledge. Like colour, material, shape, specific features or functions – all while we can see the product from every angle. That’s how we can experience the product before it even exists. And the shopping experience? That happens at home, on a screen.

The better this buying process is translated to an online platform, the more comfortable the experience for the user and the higher your chances of conversion. So, a configurator has its benefits. 3D visualisations are perfect to showcase your products. It saves time, it’s more efficient, and is customised to your product or service.

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Why rely on a product configurator for sales?

  • 3D configurators allow you to leave error-prone parts of the development process with the customer, helping you prevent misunderstandings when they put together a 3D model themselves.

  • You provide the perfect representation of your product or service, unhindered by the limitations of traditional photo- and videography.

  • 3D product visualisation means the end of prototyping, as it simplifies the product development process – easy, quick and efficient.

  • Using VR & AR technology helps you get your offering into your customers’ homes and provide high-tech solutions to existing problems.

  • Today’s youngsters are growing up with VR & AR – just look at mobile apps that have the option to choose wallpaper or try on clothing. Technology is always evolving and generating more applications.

  • Photorealistic 3D visualisations help you create images that could be a cost-efficient alternative for certain projects.

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