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Technology is to a digital project what the foundations are to a house. Making the right choices from the very beginning is a critical success factor. You don't want to be forced to replace the foundations of your house after a few years because you didn’t take the job seriously the first time, do you? As technology specialists, we – like our clients –get the most out of long-term collaboration, including optimisations and continuing development. That’s how we lay the (technological) foundations for lasting success.

  • Choosing the right tech foundation is key

  • Research is important, give it enough time

  • Set-up a strategic plan for your entire digital ecosystem

  • In a complex field, iO brings clarity

  • iO supports, advises and implements

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How do we do this?

No organisation has every expert in-house, but thanks to our blended offer we are very close. For example, our technological strategists can count on 2200+ colleagues and their diverse knowledge to support their focus on strategies and content.

As experts, we are critical and apply strict selection criteria when we examine and select new technologies. In fact, we are technology-agnostic and that in turn offers you the guarantee that we will apply solutions that meet the present and future needs of your organisation. Not guided by existing agreements with suppliers or platforms, always searching for the best match between business strategy and technology.

You can also count on the following subdisciplines:

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Why everything starts with a technological vision

If you want your company to have a steady growth trajectory, it is best to provide a technical basis that offers room for evolution and digital transformation. A technological vision is essential so that you know which direction you want to go in, and which investments you need to make. A technological strategy is the logical consequence of a (renewed) business strategy and is never a stand-alone project.

Together we will identify which technologies will make the organisation run more efficiently while taking ambitions, budgets, and scalability into account. This is how we put the right technology in place to help you to achieve your goals. We therefore always link technological innovation with established business innovation methods - for a smart, efficient transition from insight to execution so that we can implement systems that innovate sustainably, for concrete, future-proof added value, that aligns with your digital business strategy.

The biggest advantage of working as permanent partners? We work together to build your software solutions - stable, reusable, and ready to grow with your organisation, step by step and in line with technical evolutions. Instead of constantly changing your technical set-up, we focus on continual development. The result: optimised environments, satisfied customers & stakeholders, and happy users.

Looking for the right technological approach?

iO is here to help you to design an effective tech strategy. Do you want to know more about the technological landscape and its possibilities? Our experts like nothing more than sharing their knowledge. You can read more at our blog.

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Why iO?

At iO we build everything from front- and back-end solutions to web design and e-commerce. And all with a 24/7 service.

Everything starts with listening:

  • We look at your organisation’s DNA and goals

  • We get to know your brand and brand experience

  • A smooth and seamless experience for your target audience across all touchpoints.

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Great to meet you, we are iO

iO is a ‘blended agency’, actively tearing down the walls between the agency, technology and consulting worlds. This asks for a new breed of partnership. That’s why we help you to sustainably shape and improve your total brand experience, along the end-to-end journey. We blend talents in strategy, creativity, content, marketing, technology and data. That’s how we unlock the power of collaborative intelligence.
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