Optimizely: Seamless integration of content, commerce, and marketing


Optimizely is a digital experience platform (DXP) that integrates relevant content, commerce, and marketing. This way, organisations like yours develop e-commerce applications with a shopping experience that is seamlessly integrated. That's good news for your customers and their online experiences, but also for your conversion rates.

With Optimizely, you can segment, multivariate test, and personalise to your heart’s content — and that didn’t go unnoticed to well-respected research companies Gartner and Forrester.

  • A single all-in-one DXP

  • Cloud & data capabilities

  • B2B & B2C Commerce Cloud

  • iO: Optimizely Silver Partner

  • +20 experienced developers

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Why choose Optimizely DXP?

Optimizely is a very complete and user-friendly CMS — perfect for organisations with big ambitions and high demands for their experience. The intuitive interface allows both advanced and new users to manage content efficiently. The CMS is fully tailored to the marketing needs of organisations. For example, it allows marketers to manage both content and campaigns on the same screen.

Besides Optimizely CMS, you can also count on the platform for many other marketing, cloud, and commerce solutions:

  • Optimizely Intelligence Cloud & Data Platform (to scale experiments, innovate, and optimise experiences);

  • Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud (to create meaningful experiences that your business customers can't miss);

  • Optimizely B2C Commerce Cloud (to create meaningful experiences that your customers can't miss);

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iO is your trusted Optimizely partner

As an Optimizely Silver Partner, iO is the perfect all-round business partner for all your Optimizely projects. Our experts will gladly show you how Optimizely fits best within your organisation, think along strategically, and translate that strategy into the right practical implementation.

The benefits of Optimizely

Together with our partner Optimizely and clients we raise the bar every day.

Fast and easy content management

With drag-and-drop forms, a WYSIWYG editor, and on-page editing, content management has never been easier than in Optimizely.

Experience-driven commerce

Create unique experiences with built-in tools such as Email Marketing, Event Triggering, A/B testing, and catalogue, customer, and order management.

Intelligent campaigns

Optimizely Campaign allows you to quickly and easily build landing pages for campaigns and promotions that connect with the customer journey.

Personalisation and optimisation

Test and personalise your content within the publishing stream without having to rely on developers.

Multiple sites, markets and locations

In Optimizely you manage all markets and brands in one place — with unlimited website domains, currencies, locations, and languages.

Advanced search

Limited search functions are often an obstacle on websites. Nothing could be further from the truth with Optimizely — use the most advanced search features for products and content on your website.

Our Optimizely expertise

Optimizely Silver Partner

20 developers with Optimizely experience

In-depth technical knowledge

Experience with large-scale Optimizely projects

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