How do you unify a fragmented digital landscape into one ecosystem?

Out-of-this-world digital transformation for space solution powerhouses.


Losberger - De Boer


Fractured digital architecture with archaic sites and systems


A top-shelf digital ecosystem - on-brand, multilingual and multimarket

Following the merger of structural and space solutions providers Losberger and De Boer in 2017, Losberger De Boer (LDB) furthers their vision of becoming a leader in modular space solutions specialising in the international event market. Their commercial solutions are built to be scalable and relocatable, providing flexibility for multiple purposes. LDB’s rapidly deployed products for emergency response and defence uses are trusted by military and humanitarian organisations in emergencies.

While LDB’s products are of exceptional quality and variety, their strength is understanding their customers' needs. They emphasise helping customers achieve desired goals by matching customers to their offerings.

Icarus and the sun: a digital architecture - fractured & fragile

Although LDB aspired to be a one-stop solutions provider, their fractured digital architecture affected their online presence, including multiple websites, online marketing assets, tools, activities and agencies.

With nearly 10 different websites running on different servers and other online assets including 60 social accounts, several Google and Bing ad accounts, Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Search Console accounts, LDB’s online landscape was scattered and existed in silos. Multiple assets meant multiple stakeholders as well.

The fractured architecture led to outdated websites, unstructured lead generation tracking and failure to capture valuable website data. There were plenty of missed opportunities for interaction and lead nurturing with stakeholders as well as not maximising the potential of LDB’s data and digital assets. Thus began LDB’s ambitious digital transformation to merge all company sites into a global digital platform with 'One brand, one platform, one-on-one experience' forming the foundation of their digital revamp.


A sizeable RFP to fuel ambition

Our experts wasted no time in laying out the starting blocks for LDB’s new digital solution. Their response to LDB’s RFP detailed their desire to support its mission and vision for the newly merged company through a deep understanding of LDB.

An experienced Optimizely partner, iO highlighted the importance of engaging all stakeholders in LDB’s digital transformation in executing a compelling solution that will reinforce LDB’s best-in-class offerings to customers and talents. As digital solutions can evolve with a company, digital transformation can never be a one-off project, but a long-term collaborative partnership instead.

iO proposed to LDB a few platforms that may suit its needs and, Optimizely was chosen based on multiple factors including scalability, cost and iO’s recommendation.

Optimizely’s real-time, multi-site capabilities on display

As part of the foundation of LDB’s digital solution, our experts quickly implemented Optimizely’s CMS that has real-time and multi-site statistics on a live dashboard and provides possibilities for developers to tackle problems in creative ways. This allowed them to swiftly respond to LDB’s requests with several options in reaching their objectives.

A critical implementation included the Search & Navigation capability. This helped LDB provide a smooth navigation experience, present personalised search results based on site visitors’ behavioural data, manage multiple aspects of site search and capture intent data. LDB can also build landing pages based on visitor search terms for enhanced personalisation.

The website also leveraged Optimizely Forms to create web forms for contact forms. The submitted data is stored securely and LDB can choose to export the data in multiple formats.

An industry-leading approach

Together with iO, LDB merged and migrated their previous digital landscape onto an Optimizely-built international website with multimarket and multilanguage capabilities while maintaining a centralised, worldwide appearance.

The integrated website now supports nearly 10 languages in almost 10 different regions. Site navigation and content are structured for improved user experience. The user-friendly CMS has also streamlined workflows for internal teams and improved content management work through personalised content creation.

Built on .NET and Microsoft Azure, LDB’s new website is secure, fast and scalable, handling spikes in website traffic easily. Existing on the cloud also improves the speed of implementation for other Optimizely tools, allowing LDB to customise based on their needs.

“You need a partner that you can trust, with knowledge and experience, because they have used this platform as a CMS more often. With a portfolio of other clients, you could learn or ask other teams, as they have more knowledge about different projects that you could leverage.”

Robbie Schouten

Robbie Schouten, Online Marketing Manager

Yielding industry-leading results

LDB’s previously scattered digital assets are now seamlessly integrated with the new website, including SAP for database management and Microsoft Dynamics for CRM capabilities.

The exceptional digital experience of LDB’s new website boasts market agility, data and insights capabilities, easy integration with an array of software as well as exceptional, personalised digital experiences. As a result, LDB sales and marketing teams can now find solutions for various situations, contributing to their growth.

With a structured digital architecture, the new platform can support proper lead tracking, increased lead conversion for the sales team, and improved website and user insights. With measurable marketing efforts, LDB’s local teams have visibility on their marketing spend while monitoring the effectiveness of individual marketing investments.

A full-fledged, futureproof digital solution

To achieve their ‘One brand, one platform, one-on-one experience’ vision by 2025, LDB’s relentless pursuit for a futureproof solution means there is still more to be done.

Visitor intelligence and personalization is our next common foray in the digital transformation journey. As the final part of their digital vision, delivering a seamless and personalised user journey is critical in going beyond customer expectations.

Today, LDB is actively working with internal teams to understand how to continue improving their digital solution to better serve staff in their work for enhanced collaboration and efficiency. They are also keen on exploring a PIM integration, something both Losberger and De Boer did not have pre-merger.

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