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Developing a technical solution is just the first step in an application’s lifetime. Qualitative maintenance that respects stability, scalability and security is your Holy Grail to keep everything operational and relevant.

Service and Support are synonymous with staying fully operational and watching your solutions grow. With hosting, but also with periodical (security) upgrades. However, a set place (a one-stop shop) for incidents, questions, and other relevant things is crucial to reach optimal performance and security.

Service and support: the foundation of a long-term relationship

Good service and support don’t give you a quick fix – they give you proactive solutions, which are all refined and improved over time so they can take care of new challenges as well. By thinking about the lifespan at the start of your project, we guarantee that the solution remains intact, including its development and automating certain processes. Our Service & Support experts rely on the following important pillars in the process.

  • Availability means reachability. Before, during, and after any problems arise, but also on a quiet day, you can rely on real service experts.

  • Being agile is crucial. Identifying problems at the speed of light and providing solutions, followed by optimisations that prevent similar incidents from occurring.

  • Setting the right priorities is what characterises the right service partner. An underlying roadmap keeps track of all the desired improvements, with a minimal impact on the business.

  • On top of proactive support (monitoring) and reactive support (incidents), we strive for a structural relationship with the client. It allows us to regularly compare the solutions to the current business needs and discuss the next steps.

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