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Vattenfall: Driving towards a fossil-free future with SME entrepreneurs 

How do you get entrepreneurs on board with sustainability? By showing the added value for their business! With the 'More with Energy' campaign, we provided entrepreneurs with inspiration and practical tools to prove that they can do more with energy.

  • Inspiring and activating SME entrepreneurs 

  • Entrepreneurs share experiences and benefit of sustainable entrepreneurship 

  • Highlighting sustainable solutions for business growth 

Working with entrepreneurs towards a sustainable future

Vattenfall has a clear and ambitious mission: to achieve a fossil-free life within one generation. This mission relies not only the participation of consumers but also on entrepreneurs.

That's why Vattenfall wanted to inspire and raise awareness among SME entrepreneurs about how smart, sustainable solutions can create added value for their businesses. Additionally, they wanted to demonstrate how these solutions can be implemented in a company.

The goal? To encourage the target audience to take real action and invest in these solutions.

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Creating awareness among SME entrepreneurs about the added value of smart, sustainable solutions.


Inspiring, accessible content with practical tools for hands-on action.

About Vattenfall

Vattenfall is an international energy company with a clear goal: a fossil-free life within one generation. This starts with the company itself, which is gradually moving away from fossil fuels. But their focus extends beyond just generating green energy.

Vattenfall collaborates with industry and governments in Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, and Finland. By constantly inventing and developing new solutions for both small and large challenges, they help others in their journey towards living increasingly climate-smart.

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Achieving sustainability with tangible results

Entrepreneurs are always focused on doing business. Taking the next step. Making progress. And most importantly, growing. While they are open to embracing sustainability, it needs to deliver something in return. Such as increased revenue or cost savings.

That's why we developed a creative campaign concept that inspires SME entrepreneurs and showcases the sustainable solutions that Vattenfall (and its partners) offer for achieving sustainability.


More with Energy: Inspiration and Solutions

With the campaign 'More with Energy', we have developed inspiring, accessible, and relatable content that provides entrepreneurs with the tools to take hands-on action in making their businesses more sustainable. Through concrete propositions and creative solutions, Vattenfall demonstrates to entrepreneurs that they can achieve more with energy.

This concept is reflected in short 15-20 second commercials, featuring entrepreneurs sharing success stories about the solutions they have implemented. The focus is on genuine storytelling rather than question-answer or generic quotes.

In addition to the short commercials, we also provide more in-depth case videos that delve into the solutions, showcasing what can be done and the resulting benefits for other entrepreneurs. These videos, filled with contagious enthusiasm, highlight how these sustainable solutions have been applied in their businesses. We publish these videos on landing pages along with extensive interviews and factsheets that provide additional information and inspiration about the key propositions. Visitors can find answers to questions such as: what can you do with energy, and what are the benefits? All content directs users to product pages or the contact form.

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