Your website at the heart of your digital ecosystem

A website is more than ‘just’ a channel. Social media, customer portals or applications, they’re all linked to a digital identity your website represents as a well-known medium. Although new generations are increasingly turning to social media as the first point of contact, the ‘traditional’ website stands its ground – as the beating heart of your digital ecosystem.

Campaign websites, set up flexibly and quickly, should meet higher user demands so they can guide visitors towards conversion in the short term, within the scope of a campaign.

User-friendliness, conversion and Google rankings

Today, users don’t tolerate digital e-rrors anymore. You can expect a target audience (B2B and B2C) to have little patience throughout the customer journey and demand smooth browsing experiences, anytime and on any device. That means that you need to make choices during a website’s development process.

Strategic and creative choices in terms of brand experience, UI/UX design and what your customer journey will look like. Technological choices: which CMS or DXP will you pick to carry your digital presence, and which front-end technology will guarantee a successful experience time and time again? And what about the way your website and marketing are attuned to one another? Like, say the analytics tool you pick and your go-to-market strategy.

The desired result? A website you can build your digital presence with, using (SEO) campaigns as the building blocks of your strategy.

How will our experts help you create a strong (campaign) website?

  • Maybe the most important choice before developing your website: CMS or DXP? The best experts aren’t tied to a single technology and will show you all the options of platforms like Drupal, WordPress, Symfony, Umbraco, Censhare, etc.

  • A website’s architecture is a close second, where decoupled systems, white boxes, control and scalability are central features. But composable cannot be overlooked either.

  • No website or campaign without a marketing plan, with room for SEO and SEA, including the option to track and tweak performance with crystal clear analyses of your data.

  • Content and content marketing in the right language, video and animations, photography and more, with a focus on the user and your own strategy.

  • A good web platform is always in motion. With automated deployment flows and tests, we will continuously improve your website – and we’ll also be there for you post-launch with service & support teams.

Time for a full-fledged website to become the heart of your digital ecosystem?

With the support of our experts, you’ll make the right choices to find long-term success.

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Why iO?

When you go for iO, you go for an end-to-end partner. In other words: a partner with years of experience in marketing, technology, strategy and content.

Our experience allows us to make a difference in designing websites and campaigns, but we will also help you:

  • translate your brand story to captivating creative campaigns;

  • reach your target audiences on the right channels;

  • find the right balance between emotion and reason.

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