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Together, we build a strong employer brand. We put your organisation on the map as an attractive place to work — for your colleagues of today, tomorrow, and yesterday.

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What does iO do?

At iO, experts in marketing, technology, strategy, and content join forces with you to create a strong, unique employer brand — and guarantee a sustainable, high-quality inflow of candidates.

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Insights 2023 - from Employer Branding to Recruitment

How do you win the war on talent? You will read about it in our Insights 2023 - from Employer Branding to Recruitment.

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The importance of employer branding

A strong, clear employer brand ensures qualitative inflow. By clearly sharing your organisation's values with the outside world, it's easier to find candidates with a relevant profile who fit your culture perfectly and strengthen your position in the labour market.

Employer branding is the starting point of your recruitment communication and internal communication. In other words, it is anything but trivial — both for start-ups and established companies.

Employer branding: more than a one-off campaign

Contrary to popular belief, employer branding is not a one-off creative campaign. At least, not for us anyway. At iO, we believe in a holistic approach to employer branding. As cliché as it sounds: it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Our experts help you from A to Z: with a convincing EVP, stimulating recruitment communication, clear internal communication, onboarding, developing ambassadors, and more.

In other words: we always go for a structural, sustainable partnership — with impact and results.

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Recruitment marketing

It's always important to fill job openings with the right people — in B2B, B2C, non-profit, and everything in between.

A smart approach to recruitment marketing can help with that. Creative campaigns can highlight your vacancies — no matter how difficult they may seem to fill — to the right target audience, thus ensuring a high-quality influx of candidates.

But such a recruitment campaign is not a magic bullet. It only works if you have an attractive employer brand and a broader employer branding strategy — and we're happy to help with that.

Job site

The experience candidates have on your job site is crucial in the context of employer branding. If that experience is disappointing, you may be missing out on the candidates you so desperately need.

Our experts start with a job site audit, during which we examine what is going well and which thresholds we can still remove.

No matter which Applicant Tracking Software your organisation uses: our technology experts will seamlessly adapt to your approach and ensure the necessary integration with your existing tech stack.

Case: employer branding for PSA Antwerp


The Technician

PSA is the largest container handler in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges and can handle the largest container ships in the world. To do this, they need very diverse and difficult profiles — like this one for crane technicians. Not an easy vacancy. iO made 'The Technician', with a cinematic twist to generate more attention and present the profile in a cool light. Mission accomplished.

Whitepaper: employer branding
  • Mental well-being in the workplace

  • Everything about hybrid working

  • Tailored HR policy

  • Our tips for a distinctive, strong employer brand

A ping-pong table or Casual Friday will only have a temporary effect. Lasting success is achieved with — among other things — a well-defined employer brand and crystal-clear internal and external communication about what you stand for as an employer and what you support your employees in. Time to show who you are and make a difference.

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Why choose to work with iO?

When you work with iO, you get a strategic and operational partner who doesn’t just work for you, but with you as well. Together we will find the best solution for your issues, and our experts are always ready to answer your questions.

We not only help you develop an employer brand you can build upon, but also help you:

  • Develop creative campaigns that reinforce your brand story;

  • Make the right technology choices to deliver on your promises — to customers, employees, and partners;

  • Stand out from the crowd with a clever brand strategy, both online and offline.

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